Olivia Dunne sends social media wild with VERY racy 'Khaleesi' Game of Thrones Halloween outfit

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  • Olivia Dunne stunned her 7.8m TikTok followers pinch her Halloween outfit 
  • It comes conscionable days aft she bought a canine pinch shot boyfriend Paul Skenes
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By Ben Nagle For Dailymail.Com

Published: 21:43 EDT, 1 November 2023 | Updated: 21:47 EDT, 1 November 2023

Olivia Dunne sent her millions of societal media followers into a rotation connected Wednesday aft sharing images of her racy Halloween outfit.

The LSU gymnastics superstar, 21, donned a revealing 'Khaleesi' Game of Thrones costume, and shared some images and video of nan midriff-bearing look to her TikTok.

The clip quickly went viral, pinch astir 1.5million views successful nether 24 hours, and she past followed up pinch a bid of images to wow her fans again.

Alongside nan snaps, she captioned pinch nan connection 'Mother of Dragons', pinch 1 instrumentality penning successful response: 'She looks amazing.'

Another added that she looked 'stunning', while respective much wrote - rather simply - 'hi'. 

Olivia Dunne posted a bid of photos of herself successful her Game of Thrones costume

LSU superstar Dunne precocious bought a canine pinch her boyfriend, nan MLB imaginable Paul Skenes

Perhaps frustratingly for her legions of antheral fans, Dunne appears to beryllium successful a very happy narration pinch MLB imaginable Paul Skenes, pinch nan brace moreover buying a canine successful caller weeks arsenic their romance goes from spot to strength.

The brace look to beryllium smitten after confirming their romance backmost successful August.

Skenes, besides 21, is an emerging shot talent who was chosen first successful nan 2023 MLB Draft by Pittsburgh Pirates.

He confirmed that he and Dunne are an point successful August and made a passionate plea to fans to springiness her abstraction erstwhile she attends his games.

Rumors of nan brace had been swirling but speculation intensified erstwhile she was seen at his debut for nan Bradenton Marauders successful August.

Dunne dressed up arsenic Game of Thrones characteristic Khaleesi for her Halloween outfit this year

Dunne's stardom has go truthful aggravated that her fans person started to hold extracurricular meets

Dunne and Skenes look to beryllium going beardown aft confirming their narration this year

Since that announcement, Dunne and Skenes appeared to effort and support a wrap connected nan attraction astir them but pinch nan caller shot play upon us, they person been cheering LSU connected together.

Earlier successful October, Dunne shared footage of taxable cheering nan squad together while holding hands.

On nan play conscionable gone, Dunne was surrounded by her friends as she shouted LSU to a 62-0 triumph against Army successful Louisiana. 

Alongside a photograph of her and 8 pals, nan 21-year-old suggested location was nary amended spot for her to beryllium by writing: 'Louisiana Saturday nights'.

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