About Us

Paparead.com was one of the pioneers of online media in the world when it first appeared on the Internet on September 21, 2022 under the name paparead.

paparead which is accessed with the address paparead.com displays the world's daily news published today.

The aim is to provide services to the daily readers of paparead.com in places that are difficult to reach by the paparead distribution network. With the presence of paparead.com, paparead daily readers in the world can enjoy paparead daily on the same day, no need to wait a few days.

Seeing the great potential of the digital world, paparead.com was then developed which will eventually get updates on the latest news developments that occur throughout the day.

In this way, paparead.com visitors can access information from the Internet. Now it has become an inseparable part of our daily life. The digital world continues to change from time to time.

Paparead.com will continue to be productive in presenting news in order to provide the readers with updated and actual information. The rebranding of Paparead.com wants to emphasize that this news portal wants to be present among the readers as a reference for good journalism in the midst of the rapid flow of information that is not clear.