Alex Fevola reveals the truth behind THOSE tense photos with longtime partner Brendan at the Caulfield Cup

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By Mary Mrad For Daily Mail Australia

Published: 21:32 EDT, 1 November 2023 | Updated: 21:49 EDT, 1 November 2023

Alex Fevola has revealed what really happened astatine the Caulfield Cup aft she was pictured in nan midst of a seemingly tense infinitesimal pinch partner Brendan.

In exclusive photos published by Daily Mail Australia, nan constitution artist, 46, put connected an animated display, gesturing pinch her hands arsenic she said to her hubby astatine nan racing arena successful Melbourne.

Alex, 46, insisted connected Fifi, Fev & Nick's meal power show connected Thursday she wasn't having an statement pinch Brendan.

'I was truthful animated because I was truthful excited arsenic nan information defender had really asked [daughter] Mia and I for ID bands and I said to him "I'm her mother",' she explained.

'I was relaying this communicative to Brendan. There was nary argument.'

Alex Fevola has revealed nan truth down THOSE tense photos pinch longtime partner Brendan astatine nan Caulfield Cup

Alex and Brendan attended nan racing carnival arena pinch their exemplary girl Mia, 23, and her caller fellow Bass Miller.

The constitution creator looked glamorous successful a white lace frock arsenic she joined nan NRL star, who wore ray bluish suit pants.

Meanwhile, Mia dared to bare successful a mini dress, achromatic fascinator and matching heels, while her precocious schoolhouse sweetheart looked debonair successful a achromatic suit and midnight bluish shirt.

Brendan and constitution creator Alex joined successful 2005 but divided successful 2014.

Their separation was short-lived however, pinch nan brace reuniting later that aforesaid year, earlier getting engaged successful 2016.

Alex told Fifi, Fev & Nick's meal power show connected Thursday, she wasn't having an statement pinch Brendan and was really telling him really information has asked her for an ID band

Shortly aft being crowned nan victor of nan 2016 play of I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!, Brendan projected to Alex - for nan 2nd clip - successful beforehand of their children.

Brendan adopted Mia aft marrying her mother successful 2005 and nan mates are proud parents to 3 different daughters, Leni, 12, Lulu, eight, Tobi, two.

At nan time, Brendan told power big Dave Thornton connected nan Fifi and Dave show: 'I was a spot nervous, I didn't deliberation she'd opportunity yes.'

'Because we've been joined earlier and evidently been divorced. It was really beautiful pinch nan kids there.'

Alex and Brendan attended nan racing carnival arena pinch their exemplary girl Mia, 23, and her caller fellow Bass Miller

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