Trump wants Black and Latino support, but he’s not popular with either group, poll analysis shows

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As he prepares to judge nan Republican information for nan 3rd time, Donald Trump has promised caller efforts to grow his conjugation — and, successful particular, to triumph over more of nan nonwhite voters who mostly rejected him during nan 2020 election.

But an AP study of 2 consecutive polls conducted successful June by the AP-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research shows that astir 7 successful 10 Black Americans person a somewhat aliases very unfavorable position of Trump, arsenic do astir half of Hispanic Americans. While some groups do spot Trump a small much favorably than erstwhile he near agency successful 2021, their sentiment of him is still much antagonistic than positive.

Any gains successful support among Black aliases Hispanic Americans would beryllium adjuvant for Trump, who won 35% of Hispanic voters and 8% of Black voters successful 2020, according to AP VoteCast, and has struggled to turn his appeal beyond his base.

He’s hoping, successful part, to capitalize connected vexation pinch his opponent, since President Joe Biden’s favorability among Black and Hispanic Americans has besides fallen since 2021.

It’s not clear, though, that Biden’s nonaccomplishment of enthusiasm among Black and Hispanic adults is helping Trump’s ain opinionated among these groups.

Views of Trump are remarkably stable

Most Americans person a antagonistic position of Trump, according to nan AP-NORC analysis, which mixed 2 polls conducted adjacent together to output a bigger sample size. About 6 successful 10 U.S. adults person a very aliases somewhat unfavorable sentiment of him, while astir 4 successful 10 person a favorable opinion. Overall views of Trump were akin in January and July 2021, too, successful nan months aft Biden took office.

Views of Trump are mostly very unchangeable — moreover a felony condemnation didn’t alteration really Americans spot him. After he was convicted successful May of 34 felony counts successful New York for falsifying business documents, polls from nan AP-NORC Center found that wide views of Trump hardly budged. During nan Trump presidency, Gallup polls found that Trump’s mean occupation support standing was 41%, and it ne'er exceeded 50%.

About half of Hispanic adults position Trump negatively

Trump has said connected nan run way that he has “great support” from Hispanic communities. But nan AP study recovered that astir half of Hispanic adults person an unfavorable position of Trump. About 4 successful 10 Hispanic adults successful nan caller AP-NORC polls spot Trump positively, up from astir 3 successful 10 successful January 2021.

And moreover though Trump’s run advisers person said he has specific entreaty among Hispanic men and younger Hispanic adults because of his business focus, that’s not what nan canvass study shows. Current views of Trump are akin among Hispanic men and women, older and younger Hispanic adults, and those pinch and without a assemblage degree.

Biden, too, is facing a cognition problem among this group. The caller study recovered that astir half of Hispanic adults person an unfavorable position of him, while astir 4 successful 10 person a favorable view. That’s a important diminution from early 2021, erstwhile astir 6 successful 10 Hispanic Americans saw Biden positively.

Trump remains unpopular among Black adults

The Trump run has claimed that he could execute amended among Black adults this twelvemonth than successful 2020, speculating that his ineligible woes could endear him to a organization that has faced systematic favoritism by nan criminal justness system, and that his migration policies could besides clasp appeal.

Black adults proceed to person broadly negatively views of Trump, however: About 7 successful 10 Black adults person an unfavorable position of Trump, a alteration of astir 20 percent points since early 2021. And though nan Trump run has said Black men whitethorn beryllium much receptive to his message, Black men and women person akin views of him.

Younger Black Americans mightiness beryllium a small much unfastened to Trump’s appeals. About one-third of Black younger adults — those nether 45 — spot him positively, compared to astir 1 successful 10 Black adults who are 45 aliases older. But astir younger Black adults position him unfavorably.

About 6 successful 10 Black Americans, meanwhile, person a affirmative position of Biden — down from 8 successful 10 erstwhile he took office.

The canvass of 1,115 adults was conducted June 7-10, 2024 and nan canvass of 1,088 adults was conducted June 20-24, 2024. Both were conducted utilizing a sample drawn from NORC’s probability-based AmeriSpeak Panel, which is designed to beryllium typical of nan U.S. population.

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