'The Shining' actress Shelley Duvall dies at 75

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"The Shining" character Shelley Duvall died Thursday astatine her location successful Blanco, Texas, her partner Dan Gilroy said. She was 75.

Gilroy said Duvall had been successful hospice and bedridden for nan past fewer months owed to complications from diabetes. She died successful her sleep, he said successful a telephone call.

"She’s gone aft overmuch suffering," Gilroy said. "I can’t show you really overmuch I miss her."

Duvall is champion known for her roles successful nan 1980 scary movie classical "The Shining" pinch Jack Nicholson and nan 1980 drama "Popeye" pinch Robin Williams. Known for moving pinch movie head and screenwriter Robert Altman, her first surface domiciled was successful Altman's 1970 drama "Brewster McCloud," Variety reported.

Shelley Duvall In 'The Shining'Shelley Duvall successful "The Shining."Archive Photos / Getty Images

Other useful included "McCabe & Mrs. Miller," "Thieves Like Us," "Nashville," "Buffalo Bill and nan Indians" and "Annie Hall."

In 1977 she won nan Cannes Film Festival Award for champion character for her domiciled successful "3 Women."

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