Taylor Fritz breaks his silence after crashing out of Wimbledon... while girlfriend Morgan Riddle gushes over meeting Sex and the City actress

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By Emily Selleck

Published: 11:48 EDT, 11 July 2024 | Updated: 11:48 EDT, 11 July 2024

Taylor Fritz admitted he's 'hurt' aft crashing retired of Wimbledon successful a five-set thriller to Italian Lorenzo Musetti. 

The American was knocked retired of nan tourney aft losing his quarter-final 3-6, 7-6, 6-2, 3-6, 6-1 connected Wednesday afternoon.  

'All emotion Wimbledon,' he captioned a bid of Instagram snaps Thursday.  

'Tough lucifer yesterday, ever hurts to travel up conscionable short but that’s portion of nan game. Now each I tin do is remainder up, get backmost to work, and person a bully formation home,' he added. 

His manner influencer woman Morgan Riddle was connected manus to support from his box, on with Keira Knightley and Queen Camilla who were besides spotted successful nan crowd. 

Taylor Fritz collapsed his soundlessness aft crashing retired of Wimbledon successful nan quarterfinals

Meanwhile, Morgan Riddle was seen interviewing Sex and nan City actress, Kim Cattrall

Earlier successful nan day, nan societal media sensation shared a clip of herself interviewing Sex and nan City actress, Kim Cattrall. 

'2 years agone one posted a silly small tiktok and coming one interviewed THE samantha jones,' Riddle captioned a video, which showed her rocking a pick trench overgarment while speaking to nan TV icon. 

The 26-year-old has been moving pinch nan tourney to big a bid called Wimbledon Threads, successful which she interviews fans and celebrated faces astatine nan notoriously glamorous arena astir their outfits. 

The blonde beauty besides made headlines earlier this week erstwhile she became embroiled successful a spat pinch Alexander Zverev aft Fritz knocked him retired successful nan information of 16.

The German player, who was accused of physically abusing nan mother of his kid successful 2020, agreed to salary her $217,820 successful a colony past year.

However, he was recovered not blameworthy of immoderate wrongdoing.

'Tough lucifer yesterday, ever hurts to travel up short but that’s portion of nan game,' he wrote

Riddle looked tense for her beau erstwhile he took connected Italy's Lorenzo Musetti connected Wednesday

After losing to 26-year-old Fritz, Zverev said he was upset pinch immoderate group successful nan California native's container who 'may not beryllium from nan tennis world.'

'His squad is highly respectful. I deliberation his coach, his physio, besides his 2nd coach, they're highly respectful,' Zverev said. 

'I deliberation there's immoderate different group that possibly are successful nan container that are not possibly from nan tennis world, that are not possibly from peculiarly watching each azygous match. They were a spot complete nan top.'

It appeared to person been a reference to Riddle, who declared Fritz's triumph was a 'win 4 nan girls' successful a since-deleted Instagram Story. 

She later addressed nan cryptic post, clarifying, 'Regarding my stories yesterday... one took them down arsenic soon arsenic one realized nan misunderstanding and really blown retired of proportionality they had go by nan media.'

She went on, 'They were not astir thing that's happened disconnected nan tennis tribunal & there's nary bad humor betwixt anyone.' 

Riddle antecedently deleted Instagram posts appearing to return purpose astatine Alexander Zverev 

The German has been accused of maltreatment by respective partners, including nan mother of his child

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