Stephen A. Smith breaks his silence on Jaylen Brown's Olympics snub as ESPN host says it proves he's RIGHT about Boston Celtics star

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By Alex Raskin

Published: 12:04 EDT, 11 July 2024 | Updated: 12:15 EDT, 11 July 2024

Celtics prima Jaylen Brown was passed complete to switch injured Kawhi Leonard connected Team USA successful favour of Boston teammate Derrick White connected Wednesday, prompting a self-congratulatory triumph thigh for ESPN's Stephen A. Smith.

'Do y'all judge maine now?' Smith asked connected X.

The 2 person been astatine likelihood since May, erstwhile Smith claimed he was told by a convention root that Brown has an 'I americium amended than you' attitude, which has wounded him from a trading standpoint.

As a result, Brown has many times demanded Smith uncover his source, going truthful acold arsenic to deterioration a 'state your source' t-shirt during nan Celtics' caller NBA title ceremony successful Boston.

Naturally, Smith was eager to observe Brown's Olympic snub, which he portrayed arsenic impervious that he was correct astir nan Celtics star's marketability problem.

Brown wore a 'state your source' t-shirt during nan triumph parade successful reference to Smith 

Stephen A. Smith utilized an anonymous root to sound disapproval astir Jaylen Brown successful May 

'Yo [Brown], do I request to uncover my sources now?' Smith asked connected X. 'Is it not evident now?'

To bolster his point, Smith pointed to nan disconnect betwixt Brown's five-year, $289 cardinal statement and his inability to ace nan Team USA roster.

'How successful nan hellhole is simply a $300M man — now a champion and an NBA Finals MVP— who's intelligibly a top-two subordinate connected nan @celtics and a Top-15 subordinate successful nan world, NOT chosen for Team-USA?' Smith continued.

'Come connected y'all!!!'

Brown, however, appeared to deliberation location was a different logic down his removal from Team USA: Nike.

The Olympic team's charismatic apparel partner has endorsement deals pinch 9 of 12 players connected nan roster.

ESPN's Stephen A. Smith took different changeable astatine Jaylen Brown connected Wednesday evening 

Leonard bowed retired of nan upcoming Olympics aft battling injuries for overmuch of nan year

Not only does Brown not person a statement pinch Nike, but he's been captious of nan marque successful nan past.

And pursuing Team USA's determination to switch Leonard pinch White, Brown was erstwhile again captious of Nike.

'@nike this what we doing ?' Brown asked connected X.

USA Basketball managing head Grant Hill pushed backmost against Brown's insinuation connected Wednesday evening, while poking nosy of his ain history arsenic a Fila spokesman.

'Well, for a bully information of my career, I wore Fila,' Hill laughed. 'We're proud of our partners, evidently astatine USA Basketball, but this is astir putting together a team.'

So why did Hill prime White complete nan NBA Finals MVP?

The reply is beautiful simple: He's a bully fresh pinch nan existent members of nan team.

'I don't consciousness for illustration his domiciled changes overmuch pinch our squad from what he does pinch nan Celtics,' Hill said. 'He plays alongside 2 incredibly awesome young players, Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum.

'And this mounting is difficult erstwhile you travel successful and you're nan halfway of your beingness and now you person to found a domiciled and it mightiness beryllium different than what you person to do pinch your team. To person personification who tin travel successful and play disconnected of guys, beryllium complementary to immoderate others, but past besides guidelines retired ... we're excited.'

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