'Shame on him for disrespecting the dead': Nevada senator erupts after Sen. JD Vance's bump stock remarks

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WASHINGTON — Sen. Jacky Rosen, D-Nev., tore into Sen. JD Vance, R-Ohio, connected Monday complete remarks he made astir bump stocks arsenic nan Senate grapples pinch whether to prohibition them.

Vance, who is wide considered a vice statesmanlike contender connected nan GOP summons pinch erstwhile President Donald Trump, called efforts by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and different Democrats to prohibition nan devices “a immense distraction.”

“I deliberation that we person to inquire ourselves: What is nan existent weapon unit problem successful this country, and are we legislating successful a measurement that solves clone problems? Or solves existent problems?” Vance told reporters. “And my very beardown suspicion is that nan Schumer authorities is aimed astatine a PR problem, not thing that’s going to meaningfully trim weapon unit successful this country.”

Vance besides said he was concerned nan measure could “end up conscionable inhibiting nan authorities of rule abiding Americans.” When pressed connected nan precocious level of dormant and injured successful Las Vegas aft nan 2017 shooting, he said: “The mobility is: How galore group would person been changeable alternatively? And you person to inquire yourself nan question: Will anyone really not take a bump banal because Chuck Schumer passes a portion of legislation?”

His comments drew a fiery consequence from Rosen, who faces re-election this twelvemonth successful nan authorities wherever a shooter killed 58 people successful 2017 pinch firearms equipped pinch bump stocks.

“This is not a clone problem,” she told reporters. “Let him travel to Las Vegas. Let him spot nan memorial for those group who died. Let him talk to those families. It’s not a clone problem. Those families are dead.”

“Las Vegas was changed everlastingly because of what nan shooter did and nan bump stocks helped him. And fto JD Vance travel — and I’m going to return him to nan memorials. We’re going to talk to — talk astir our first responders, our ambulance drivers, our police, our firefighters, group astatine nan humor bank, regular people. Shame connected him. Shame connected him for disrespecting nan dead,” Rosen said successful a uncommon flash of anger for nan usually mild-mannered senator.

Their remarks travel aft nan Supreme Court ruled past week that nan executive branch cannot usage an existing rule to prohibit bump stocks, which modify semiautomatic weapons to occurrence bullets much quickly.

The 6-3 ruling, however, kept nan doorway unfastened for Congress to walk authorities banning nan firearm accessories, and Schumer said Democrats scheme to return up a measurement arsenic early arsenic Tuesday.

The warfare of words betwixt Rosen and Vance pits 2 senators against each different complete a hot-button rumor that has galvanized galore voters arsenic wide shootings go commonplace successful nan United States. Vance is courting a blimpish guidelines that is resistant to firearm limits, while Rosen’s stance appeals to a increasing stock of voters who person moved successful favour of tougher weapon laws.

Schumer, D-N.Y., besides responded to Vance’s comments, telling NBC News: “Talk to nan group successful Las Vegas who mislaid loved ones.”

The mostly leader said Democrats will inquire nan Senate for unanimous consent for legislation by Sen. Martin Heinrich, D-N.M., called nan BUMP Act, which would revise nan U.S. criminal codification to prohibit bump stocks.

The regularisation was initially put successful spot by nan Trump administration, pinch nan support of galore Republicans. But Trump and immoderate of nan aforesaid GOP lawmakers who backed nan regularisation person now expressed little liking taking legislative steps to prohibit nan accessories.

Any 1 legislator tin contradict a unanimous consent request. Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., told NBC News he will artifact nan measure, meaning nan authorities would not beryllium capable to move guardant nether that expedited process.

“I will reason immoderate legislative fix,” Graham said Monday.

Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., an outspoken proponent of tougher weapon laws, said senators should support nan measure, calling it a “moderate proposal” that Republicans should person nary problem voting for.

“Is it bully authorities to make it easier for imaginable wide killers to get their hands connected instrumentality guns? Probably not,” he said. “The thought is to effort to make this charismatic to Republicans. And we would beryllium a batch amended disconnected if psychopaths couldn’t get their hands connected instrumentality guns. Let’s spot if we tin get a statement this week. So I’ll beryllium talking to Republicans each week to spot if we tin scrounge it up.”

At slightest immoderate Republicans favour nan bump banal ban, including Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, who suggested nan measurement could travel up done nan normal process, requiring 60 votes to advance.

“I do support banning bump stocks,” he said. “I dream we tin get a chance to ballot connected that.”

Rosen said Monday that she supports nan Second Amendment, but based on there’s plentifulness Congress tin still do to support Americans safe.

“Thoughts and prayers don’t bring backmost anybody you love,” she said. “And it’s up to america to legislate. It’s up to america to support group safe.”

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