Seattle voters to decide fate of $1.55B transportation levy that would cost median homeowners $546 a year

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(The Center Square) – Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell has signed disconnected connected a $1.55 cardinal proscription levy, mounting up voters to person nan last opportunity this November connected nan largest taxation connection successful metropolis history.

If nan levy is approved, generated fund money would spell toward building sidewalks, paving streets, repairing bridges, and improving transit connections, among different proscription needs.

The eight-year levy package is expected to costs a median homeowner successful Seattle astir $546 a twelvemonth if passed by voters.

The existent Levy to Move Seattle, which expires astatine nan extremity of 2024, represents astir 30% of nan Seattle Department of Transportation’s budget. The median spot taxation measure for nan expiring levy successful 2024 is $300.

Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell has signed disconnected connected a $1.55 cardinal proscription levy. AP

Harrell acknowledged nan size of nan projected $1.55 cardinal levy, but said nan backing will use early generations.

“Yes, that’s a batch of money, but [the levy is for] nan treasures, and nan payoff, and nan benefits for our children and our grandchildren,” Harrell said astatine a Wednesday property conference.

The biggest information of generated backing – $330 cardinal – would spell toward arterial roadway maintenance. Approximately 15 awesome corridors are planned to beryllium repaved.

Another $115 cardinal would spell toward transit improvements connected streets pinch precocious ridership autobus routes and create amended entree to Sound Transit ray obstruction stations.

Harrell acknowledged nan size of nan projected $1.55 cardinal levy. America's Talking Network/YouTube

The 3rd largest allocation of levy costs is $111 cardinal for nan building astatine slightest 350 blocks of caller sidewalks.

The levy puts $70 cardinal toward nan city’s Vision Zero program, which supports postulation information projects pinch nan eager extremity of ending postulation deaths and injuries successful Seattle by 2030.

Prior to nan metropolis council’s support of nan projected levy connected Tuesday, councilmembers signed disconnected connected an amendment that would utilize $20 cardinal successful backing to complete nan spread successful nan 20-mile-long Burke-Gilman Trail wrong nan Ballard neighborhood. Harrell said that has been an rumor for much than 30 years.

The levy puts $70 cardinal toward nan city’s Vision Zero program. Getty Images

While metropolis officials touted nan levy proposal, immoderate erstwhile Seattle leaders are voicing interest and vexation pinch nan projected levy’s imaginable effect connected homeowners and businesses successful nan city.

“This troublesome proscription taxation summation is for illustration nan Titanic – excessively big, hardest connected nan poor, and destined to neglect everyone,” erstwhile Seattle City Councilmember Alex Pedersen said successful a statement. “It’s insensitive for politicians to enactment for illustration cheerleaders for specified a monolithic proscription taxation summation while renters, homeowners, and mini businesses struggle to enactment successful Seattle.”

The wide predetermination is Nov. 5.

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