'Rust' armorer expected to testify Friday in Alec Baldwin trial

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New Mexico prosecutors scheme to telephone “Rust” armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed to nan guidelines Friday successful Alec Baldwin’s involuntary manslaughter trial, her lawyer Jason Bowles told NBC News connected Thursday.

Reed is serving an 18-month sentence astatine nan Western New Mexico Correctional Facility for her domiciled successful nan shooting decease of nan film’s cinematographer, Halyna Hutchins. She has already been transferred to Santa Fe, wherever nan proceedings is being held.

Hannah Gutierrez-ReedHannah Gutierrez-Reed, nan erstwhile armorer for nan movie “Rust,” astatine her proceedings successful Santa Fe, N.M., connected March 6, 2024.Luis Sanchez Saturno / AFP - Getty Images file

Prosecutors declined to comment. Baldwin, who held nan weapon that fired nan fatal bullet, could look an 18-month condemnation if convicted.

Gutierrez-Reed, who was responsible for overseeing nan weapons connected nan movie set, said during a pretrial question and reply successful May that she was unwilling to cooperate successful Baldwin’s proceedings and did not want to testify.

Earlier this week, NBC News said pinch erstwhile New Mexico charismatic Jennifer Burrill, who said it will beryllium difficult for nan erstwhile armorer to plead nan Fifth Amendment connected each question.

“You can’t plead nan Fifth broad connected each question,” Burrill said. “It’s limited connected nan mobility [if it’s] thing that could effect her if she gets a caller trial. Then yes, she tin plead nan Fifth.”

Gutierrez-Reed was charged pinch involuntary manslaughter and tampering pinch grounds successful March. She was acquitted connected nan latter.

During Baldwin’s trial, nan prosecution intends to telephone respective witnesses who were connected group erstwhile nan fatal shooting occurred. Dave Halls, nan adjunct head who pleaded nary contest to a misdemeanor complaint of negligent usage of a deadly limb and was sentenced to six months of unsupervised probation, is expected to return nan stand.

In interviews, Baldwin has said that Halls declared nan weapon “cold,” meaning it had nary unrecorded ammunition earlier it was handed to nan actor.

It’s a constituent that Baldwin’s lawyers made during their opening connection connected Wednesday, and they moreover played a information of nan 911 telephone made that time successful which nan film’s book supervisor tin beryllium heard blaming Halls: “He’s expected to cheque nan guns. He’s responsible for what happened!”

It’s not clear whether Baldwin will return nan guidelines successful his ain defense. His ineligible squad has not responded erstwhile asked for remark by NBC News.

The proceedings is expected to return 8 days, pinch closing arguments expected July 19.

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