Rachel Maddow, other MSNBC hosts face $30M defamation trial from ICE doctor they called ‘uterus collector’

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A defamation suit against NBCUniversal is headed to proceedings aft a Georgia judge ruled that Rachel Maddow, Nicolle Wallace, Chris Hayes and different journalists reported “verifiably false” claims astir a expert they said performed “mass hysterectomies” connected ICE halfway detainees.  

MSNBC and NBC journalists are accused of reporting 39 mendacious claims astir nan expert they called nan “uterus collector” based connected a whistleblower relationship from a caregiver named Dawn Wooten who worked astatine nan facility.

“NBC investigated nan whistleblower letter’s accusations; that investigation did not corroborate nan accusations and moreover undermined some; NBC republished nan letter’s accusations anyway,” Judge Lisa Godbey Wood of nan Southern District of Georgia wrote successful a 108-page summary successful June. 

MSNBC big Rachel Maddow reportedly shared doubts astir nan reports earlier covering nan communicative connected her show. MSNBC/YouTube

Gynecologist Dr. Mahendra Amin – who worked astatine nan detention halfway for 3 and a half years and reportedly performed only 2 hysterectomies during that clip – is seeking $30 million, which is reportedly nan aforesaid magnitude arsenic Maddow’s yearly salary. 

NBC journalists first reported nan communicative successful September 2020 via an article published connected nan NBC website. MSNBC anchors past picked up nan communicative for galore broadcast segments.

Maddow “initially questioned” nan reports and “jumping to conclusions,” but still covered nan communicative connected her play show, according to tribunal documents.

Rachel Maddow, Nicolle Wallace and Chris Hayes are accused of reporting nan “verifiably false” claims astir nan doctor. MSNBC

NBC’s standards section reviewed and approved reports moreover though nan caregiver provided “no grounds to backmost up her claims,” an NBC standards lawman said astatine nan clip according to tribunal documents.

The standards deputy, Christopher Scholl, was unsure whether to people an NBCNews.com article.

“She [the whistleblower] has nary nonstop knowledge of what she’s claiming, is incapable to sanction nan expert progressive (if I understood correctly), and we are incapable to verify immoderate of it aliases find whether location really is simply a communicative here,” Scholl said successful an email. “Essentially, it boils down to a azygous source—with an agenda—telling america things we person nary ground to judge are true.”

Dr. Mahendra Amin sued MSNBC successful September 2021. Coffee Regional Medical Center

And nan reporters who wrote nan communicative – Jacob Soboroff and Julia Ainsley – shared concerns. 

It doesn’t “sound for illustration they person overmuch beyond nan complaint,” Soboroff texted Ainsley successful September, according to tribunal documents. 

“Only 2 hysterectomies?” Ainsley reportedly replied. 

And an lawyer for 1 of nan ICE detainees told nan reporters that their client’s hysterectomy was basal owed to her crab diagnosis, according to tribunal documents.

But nan reporters published their communicative titled “Lawyers allege maltreatment of migrant women by gynecologist for Georgia ICE detention center” nan adjacent day.

MSNBC did not respond to requests for comment.

MSNBC interviewed nan whistleblower, Dawn Wooten, connected air. MSNBC

Dozens of Democratic senators called for an investigation into nan doctor’s practices astatine nan ICE halfway aft nan MSNBC broadcasts. The Senate probe recovered nary grounds of “mass hysterectomies” – conscionable 2 procedures that were deemed medically necessary, according to a Senate report.

Amin sued MSNBC for defamation successful September 2021.

Dozens of Democratic senators called for an investigation into nan expert aft nan MSNBC broadcasts. MSNBC

As nan lawsuit heads to trial, nan astir difficult task for Amin’s lawyer – Scott Grubman, who antecedently worked arsenic a rule clerk for nan judge who ruled successful favour of Amin – will beryllium proving that nan NBC journalists had an intent of malice.

“Dr. Amin is simply a beloved expert who has treated his patients pinch nan utmost attraction and compassion for decades,” his lawyer told The Post. “An migrant himself, nan allegation that he would return advantage of ICE detainees is ludicrous.”

This is not nan first clip MSNBC has been slapped pinch a defamation suit.

Kentucky precocious schoolhouse student Nicholas Sandmann sued MSNBC aft reporters many times covered a 2019 incident successful which nan student was caught connected video smiling astatine a Native American activistic arsenic he hit a drum and chanted. 

Media reports claimed Sandmann was smirking astatine nan activistic successful a racially charged interaction. The suit was settled successful December 2021.

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