Police seek suspect after series of shootings across Charlotte, N.C.

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North Carolina constabulary are searching for a fishy successful a bid of 5 shootings successful nan Charlotte area that officials judge are connected. 

Police responded to nan first reported shooting astatine astir 1:05 a.m. connected Tuesday, July 9. A man wrong his conveyance had a gunshot coiled and was pronounced dormant astatine nan scene. The victim, identified by CBS News connection WBTV arsenic Mustaffa Muhammad, 58, is believed to person been changeable by personification driving by, nan Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department said. 

Several much shooting incidents were reported successful nan adjacent half hour. A bicyclist called constabulary to opportunity that he had been changeable astatine astir 1:09 a.m., and different victim's car was struck by gunfire "a short clip later." Neither personification was injured. 

Officers besides responded to a statement wherever a group of individuals said a personification successful a conveyance had fired aggregate rounds successful their guidance astatine astir 1:11 a.m. No 1 astatine nan statement was shot, but a adjacent location was struck and a female wrong sustained non-life-threatening injuries. 

At 1:25 a.m., constabulary responded to a different study from a cyclist who was changeable and sustained non-life-threatening injuries, constabulary said. Nearby, different location had been struck by gunfire, pinch nary injuries reported. 

Map shows nan locations of respective shootings astir Charlotte.  Map shows nan locations of respective shootings astir Charlotte.  Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department

The injured female and cyclist were some transferred to Charlotte's Atrium Health Carolinas Medical Center, constabulary said.

Police said that because of nan clip and locations of nan reported shootings, they judge nan incidents are "could beryllium connected." Police person not publically identified a imaginable suspect, and nary arrests person been made. No accusation astir nan weapons utilized is available. 

"It's nerve-racking. You know, reasoning that personification tin conscionable thrust past or, you know, if we're driving somewhere, personification tin do thing for illustration that to america aliases our kids," an anonymous genitor told WBTV.

The section told WBTV that it is investigating tips that came successful connected Wednesday afternoon. A $10,000 reward is being offered for immoderate accusation that leads to an arrest. 

A property convention is expected to beryllium held connected Thursday afternoon. 

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