Philip Morris suspends nationwide sales on after D.C. subpoena

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Tobacco elephantine Philip Morris International said connected Monday that it would suspend online income connected Swedish Match North America’s nationwide arsenic nan Zyn nicotine pouch shaper responds to a lawsuit from nan District of Columbia.

Philip Morris bought Swedish Match successful a $16 cardinal woody successful 2022 arsenic nan institution looked to trim its reliance connected cigarettes amid stricter regulations, and a user displacement towards alternatives to baccy and accepted cigarettes.

The institution said that Swedish Match North America had received a lawsuit from D.C.’s Attorney General requesting accusation astir its compliance pinch D.C.’s 2022 prohibition connected nan waste of each flavored tobacco.

In October 2022, D.C. banned the waste of each flavored tobacco, including flavored synthetic nicotine products.

Philip Morris said that it intends to comply pinch D.C.’s petition and that successful nan arena of an unfavorable result related to this matter, a worldly liability is reasonably possible.

The institution said its preliminary investigation indicates that location person been income of flavored nicotine pouch products successful D.C., predominantly related to definite online income platforms and immoderate independent retailers.

“Swedish Match is conducting a afloat reappraisal of its income and proviso concatenation arrangements successful D.C. and different U.S. localities wherever spirit bans whitethorn use and is temporarily suspending each income connected until that appraisal is complete,” a Philip Morris spokesperson told Reuters.

Philip Morris has benefited from beardown request for its Zyn nicotine pouches successful nan U.S., which nan institution says do not incorporate tobacco.

In its first 4th results, reported successful April, shipments of Zyn nicotine pouches grew astir 80% compared pinch a twelvemonth ago. However, income connected correspond a “very mini percent of nationwide Zyn volumes,” nan institution added connected Monday.



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