Pat McAfee mocks Jets coach Robert Saleh over Aaron Rodgers' unexcused absence from practice... with QB facing more than $100,000 in fines

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  • Aaron Rodgers communicated his absence to Robert Saleh up of time 
  • Jets linebacker Haason Reddick was besides absent from Tuesday's practice 
  • READ MORE: Aaron Rodgers facing much than $100,000 successful fines for absence 

By Leocciano Callao

Published: 19:06 EDT, 11 June 2024 | Updated: 19:09 EDT, 11 June 2024

Pat McAfee and his unit poked nosy astatine New York Jets caput coach Robert Saleh for addressing Aaron Rodgers' inexcusable absence from believe and foreshadowing upcoming fines.

During a property convention connected Tuesday, Saleh noted nan absences of Rodgers and Haason Reddick. He past stated that nan backmost and linebacker are taxable to fines per nan NFL corporate bargaining agreement.

After playing a clip from nan presser, McAfee laughed astatine nan thought of Saleh fining Rodgers.

'Fascinating. In Aaron's 20th year, he did not miss a azygous OTA,' McAfee said, laughing. 'So now he opens up nan fines. Are they gonna good Aaron Rodgers?'

While Saleh noted that Rodgers has been bully astatine communicating and coming astatine nan camp, he revealed that his absence was owed to an arena 'that was important to him.'

Pat McAfee mocked Robert Saleh aft addressing Aaron Rodgers' unexcused absence 

McAfee and his unit continued to joke astir really Saleh should person near Rodgers' logic for missing believe retired of nan presser without elaborating connected nan details.

'I conscionable don't know. I person not talked to immoderate sources adjacent to nan business pinch nan backmost of nan Jets,' McAfee said.

'What's nan life event? Because evidently Saleh heard it and was like, 'Nah I don't deliberation so.'

Later successful nan program, Rodgers' friend AJ Hawk joined and said: 'I person nary thought wherever he could be. The opportunities are endless.'

'He could beryllium anyplace connected nan satellite correct now. We don't cognize what that could be,' Hawk added. 'Google 'cool things happening complete nan adjacent 3 days.' He mightiness beryllium there. I person nary hint wherever he is either.'

Saleh revealed that Rodgers and Haason Reddick will beryllium fined for missing practice

Saleh was mocked for stating Rodgers' absence was for an 'life event' without giving details

Rodgers communicated nan upcoming absence to his coach but is still apt to get fined 

Hawk besides noted really Saleh confirmed that Rodgers communicated his upcoming absence beforehand.

'Saleh's had immoderate clip to deliberation astir really he whitethorn grip it erstwhile he had to speak to nan media erstwhile he knew Rodgers was not going to beryllium there,' Hawk said.

'He could've worded it a small amended and said, 'We person awesome communication, we're fresh to go.' How he benignant of contrasted Reddick and Aaron's absence, that's what made it benignant of weird.'

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