Oct. 7 survivors describe horror of anti-Israel protesters taunting them at NYC Nova memorial: ‘Why do they hate us?’

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Horror gripped Menashe Manzuri arsenic he watched connected Monday arsenic an anti-Israel mob swarm nan Manhattan grounds memorial for nan Oct. 7 panic attacks and viciously echo nan chants of terrorists who murdered his 2 daughters.

“I cannot find nan correct words really I felt erstwhile personification is shouting and supporting nan group who execution your daughters,” Manzuri said Tuesday.

“It was for illustration they killed maine again and again and again.”

The anti-Israel protesters lit reddish flares extracurricular nan grounds connected Monday night. FreedomNewsTV

The protestation Monday extracurricular Nova Music Festival Exhibition connected Wall Street rattled grounds goers, including survivors of nan onslaught connected nan show and family members of victims.

They described being trapped wrong while protesters supporting Hamas raged outside.

At slightest 4 Oct. 7 survivors astatine nan grounds “in a panic” arsenic protesters mobbed outside, lit flares and chanted “Long unrecorded successful nan Intifada.”

Menashe Manzuri, whose daughters were killed successful nan Oct. 7 attacks, recounted really protesters extracurricular a memorial “killed” him. Steven Vago/NY Post
An anti-Israel mob swarmed nan Nova Music Festival Exhibition Monday. FreedomNewsTV

Manzuri, 58, clutched pictures of his daughters Roya, 22, and Norelle, 25, arsenic he recounted to Mayor Eric Adams — who visited nan grounds Tuesday — really they were slaughtered and burned by Hamas terrorists equipped pinch manus grenades.

He collapsed down successful tears and collapsed into Adams, who embraced him.

Nova show cofounder Ofir Amir, 41, who was changeable successful some legs fleeing from Hamas terrorists, had near nan grounds 5 minutes earlier protesters arrived Monday, lit flares and chanted “Long unrecorded successful nan Intifada.”

The callous show near Amir, questioning really he could look specified a segment successful nan US.

“We came present conscionable retired of nan emotion for nan euphony and nan festival. It has thing to do pinch politics,” he told The Post.

“Why do you dislike america truthful much?”

He said he wishes he could speak to nan protesters. “They don’t want to talk,” he added.

The protestation Monday was wide condemned. NY Post

Tal Shimony had vanished telling nan communicative an assemblage of 100 astir her flight from terrorists astatine Nova erstwhile a shaper delivered nan shocking news: “There’s an intifada outside.”

“It was triggering,” said Shimony, 25.

“I had a panic attack. I was shocked. I thought, ‘How tin this beryllium happening?’” said nan Israeli, adding that she saw a mob equipped pinch Hamas and Hezbollah flags outside. “I thought, ‘How tin this beryllium happening again?’”

Even those who hadn’t lived done nan panic attacks were near shaken by nan protesters.

The protestation was described arsenic “triggering” by 1 Oct. 7 survivor. FreedomNewsTV

Jessica Brucker, 29, a income head who develops events for Bisnow, recovered nan grounds itself particularly “profound,” fixed her Jewish practice and emotion of music.

But she had small clip to reflect, because arsenic she neared nan extremity information guards had blocked nan exits to support grounds goers safely wrong arsenic nan protestation cleared.

“People are extracurricular lighting fires and wishing for much deaths,” she said. “To me, that doesn’t make sense.”

“The champion connection to picture it, honestly, is conscionable ‘sad.’”

Jessica Brucker called nan protests “sad.” Courtesy of Jessica Brucker

A time later, grounds goers condemned nan opposition betwixt nan memorial and nan actions of protesters outside.

“I deliberation they should beryllium arrested aliases put successful an insane asylum,” said affectional Manhattan resident Denise aft leaving nan exhibit. “I deliberation they don’t person a clue.”

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