NY ‘Squad’ Rep. Jamaal Bowman exposed for ‘lies’ about Israel support as he pushes for Democratic Socialists’ backing

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New York “Squad” Rep. Jamaal Bowman is being accused of lying astir his positions connected Israel — publicly suggesting 1 thing and past allegedly flopping while privately groveling to a extremist socialist group.

Bowman — who is successful nan conflict of his governmental life against Democratic Party challenger George Latimer — antecedently publically condemned a heinous anti-Israel protestation supported by nan Democratic Socialists of America “in nan strongest imaginable terms.’’

He seized connected nan infinitesimal to crow that he had fto his DSA rank lapse aft a erstwhile falling retired pinch nan group for visiting Israel and voting for defense backing to nan country

Rep. Jamaal Bowman is being accused of lying astir his positions connected Israel. Getty Images

Then Bowman told DSA members during a May 26 endorsement interview, “I’m still a member. … I didn’t fto my dues lapse,” nan New York Times reported Tuesday.

The two-term incumbent besides has ne'er publically stated that he supports nan arguable Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement, which pro-Israel activists declare is antisemitic by trying to economically harm nan Jewish authorities to beforehand nan interests of Palestinians.

Yet during nan DSA endorsement interview, Bowman said he “personally” backs nan BDS activity but conscionable has not gone nationalist pinch his support because of nan “large Jewish population, ample Zionist population, ample pro-Israel population, ample AIPAC population” successful his 16th Congressional district.

The pol, whose territory covers astir of Westchester County and nan northbound Bronx, indicated he wants to spell nationalist “at immoderate point” to stimulate chat to further “peace and justness and information and humanity for each people.”

“BDS. is simply a nonviolent protestation opportunity to clasp Israel accountable,” Bowman said during nan interview, nan Times reported.

“And I deliberation Israel needs to beryllium held accountable. And truthful I’m ready, consenting and capable to collaborate pinch you each to fig retired what’s nan champion measurement to do that.”

Bowman said he hasn’t been nationalist astir his sentiment because of nan “large Jewish population, ample Zionist population, ample pro-Israel population, ample AIPAC population.” AFP via Getty Images

The DSA backs nan BDS run against Israel.

Bowman besides said he now opposes Iron Dome defense backing for Israel, which he antecedently voted for.

He said he initially voted for Iron Dome backing to show his constituents he wasn’t against nan Jewish people.

“I didn’t want my ‘no’ ballot to beryllium misinterpreted arsenic ‘I want Jews to beryllium killed,’” he told DSA members.

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But he now blames Israel for committing “genocide” successful Gaza successful its consequence to Hamas’ Oct. 7, 2023, onslaught connected nan Jewish State.

“There’s nary measurement I could support immoderate of that, because there’s a genocide happening successful Gaza,” he told nan socialists.

The congressman faces a formidable Democratic superior situation from Westchester County Executive Latimer, who has nan backing of pro-Israel advocates.

Rep. Jamaal Bowman speaks during a vigil pinch authorities legislators and religion leaders connected hunger onslaught extracurricular nan White House to request that President Joe Biden telephone for a imperishable ceasefire successful Gaza. AP

Latimer opposes BDS and backs Iron Dome funding.

A Emerson College/Pix 11/The Hill study released Tuesday shows Latimer pinch a 17 constituent lead complete Bowman — 48% to 31% pinch nan remaining 21% undecided.

Latimer backers called Bowman a craven liar successful a hopeless bid to get re-elected.

“That Congressman Bowman admits to having lied to get re-elected is simply a sad commentary connected his character. His hostility to nan truth is only matched by his hostility toward his ain constituents — each of them — and President Biden,” said Democratic Majority for Israel Chairman Mark Mellman.

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