Newborn baby — with umbilical cord still attached — abandoned outside luxury NYC condo: cops

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A newborn babe boy was recovered abandoned – pinch his umbilical cord still attached – extracurricular a luxury Chelsea condo building and nether nan iconic High Line parkland connected Thursday, authorities said.

Two doormen from nan HL23 building connected West 23rd Street adjacent 10th Avenue recovered nan naked kid astatine nan guidelines of a High Line support beam astir 3:15 a.m. and flagged down an EMS portion from Station 7, conscionable crossed nan street, according to cops and sources.

One EMS worker jumped into action and treated nan babe wrong nan position earlier nan kid was taken to Bellevue Hospital conscious and alert, pinch nary evident injuries, cops and sources said.

Two doormen flagged down EMS workers and notified them astir nan abandoned infant, cops said. Matthew McDermott
The babe was taken to Bellevue Hospital, conscious and alert. Matthew McDermott

The child’s mother had conscionable fixed commencement to nan babe astir 2 a.m., sources said. 

She was taken into custody, pinch charges still pending by nan precocious morning, according to nan sources.

The child’s mother had fixed commencement to nan babe conscionable complete an hr earlier nan discovery, sources said. Matthew McDermott

The state’s Abandoned Infant Protection Act permits a genitor to time off an babe up to 30 days aged astatine a “suitable location” — including a infirmary aliases staffed constabulary aliases occurrence position — without being prosecuted.

The genitor must promptly notify an “appropriate person” of nan child’s location.

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