New video captures Riley Strain’s final moments just before disappearance, death

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Newly released surveillance video is offering a little model into Riley Strain’s last nighttime live — arsenic it shows nan drunken 22-year-old frat boy being escorted retired of a Nashville barroom conscionable earlier his disappearance.

The signaling — obtained by News Channel 5 Nashville — shows nan wobbly University of Missouri student headed down nan exit stairs astatine state prima Luke Bryan’s, wherever unit had issued an alert saying he was getting fierce pinch employees.

Strain is escorted by a bouncer, but seems to spell willingly, moreover appearing to laughter astatine 1 constituent arsenic he stumbled down nan stairs, nan video showed.

Screengrab of surveillance camera video that showed Riley Strain being chucked from Luke Bryan’s barroom successful Nashville conscionable earlier he vanished.
Strain vanished March 8. His assemblage was recovered successful nan Cumberland River astir 2 weeks later. AP

Afterward, Strain vanished into nan Tennessee night.

Two weeks later, his corpse was pulled from nan Cumberland River astir 8 miles downstream successful what his autopsy declared an accidental decease from drowning and intoxication.

Strain was extraordinarily drunk erstwhile he vanished March 8 — nan young man’s autopsy study said he had a blood-alcohol level of astir .3, aliases much than 3 times nan ineligible limit.

He besides had THC —the psychoactive constituent successful marijuana — successful his bloodstream, according to nan aesculapian examiner’s report.  

Another surveillance camera caught him arsenic he staggered down a Nashville thoroughfare aft being tossed from nan bar.

Luke’s 32 Bridge successful Nashville, which is owned by state prima Luke Bryan. Google Maps
Strain was led retired of nan barroom aft labor issued an alert saying he was getting fierce pinch staff.

Many suspected foul play astatine first. But nan aesculapian examiner ruled his decease accidental.

Strain, who was visiting nan authorities superior pinch his fraternity brothers, told friends he’d meet them astatine their edifice astir 5 blocks away.

But his pals ne'er heard from him, and called nan cops nan adjacent day.

An investigation revealed a way of pings from nan missing man’s cellphone, and nan information footage of what ended up being his last moments.

A section bum man besides told cops he’d seen a man resembling Strain who was “very, very intoxicated” almost autumn complete a railing into nan Cumberland River.

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