Joey Chestnut can’t stomach surprise 2024 Nathan’s hot dog eating contest ban: ‘Gutted’

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Joey Chestnut is speaking retired publically for nan first clip since The Post revealed that nan famed basking canine eater was retired of this year’s Fourth of July Nathan’s Famous basking canine eating title owed to beef complete a basking canine marque he has made a woody with. 

In a connection connected X connected Tuesday night, Chestnut said he recovered retired done nan media that he would not beryllium competing successful nan yearly Coney Island event, and he was “gutted” by nan news. 

The nutrient conflict stems from Chestnut’s woody to correspond Impossible Foods, which precocious launched a vegan basking dog, alternatively of representing Nathan’s brand. 

Joey Chestnut won first spot eating 63 basking dogs successful 10 minutes during nan men 2022 Nathan’s Famous International Hot Dog Eating Contest successful Coney Island. Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

“I emotion competing successful that event, I emotion celebrating America pinch my fans each complete this awesome state connected nan 4th and I person been training to take sides my title,” Chestnut wrote connected X. 

“To group nan grounds straight, I do not person a statement pinch MLE aliases Nathans and they are looking to alteration nan rules from past years arsenic it relates to different partners I tin activity with. This is apparently nan ground connected which I’m being banned, and it doesn’t effect nan July 4th event.

“Sadly, this is nan determination Nathan’s and Major League Eating are making, and it will deprive nan awesome fans of nan holiday’s accustomed joyousness and entertainment. To my fans, I emotion you and admit you. Rest assured that you’ll spot maine eat again soon!! STAY HUNGRY!” 

Chestnut has won nan famed Nathan’s basking canine eating arena 16 times, coming up victorious each twelvemonth since 2016.

He ate 62 basking dogs past twelvemonth and put down a world grounds of 76 basking dogs successful 2021. 

Joey Chestnut stuffs his rima pinch basking dogs during nan men’s title of Nathan’s Famous July Fourth basking canine eating contest, July 4, 2019. AP

Impossible Foods released its ain connection connected Tuesday, supporting nan competitory eater.

“We emotion Joey and support him successful immoderate title he chooses. It’s OK to research pinch a caller dog. Meat eaters shouldn’t person to beryllium exclusive to conscionable 1 wiener,” an Impossible Foods spokesperson said.

Competitive eater Joey Chestnut poses pinch his mustard yellowish title loop during a crippled betwixt nan Georgia Bulldogs and nan Ball State Cardinals astatine Sanford Stadium connected September 9, 2023 successful Athens, Georgia. Getty Images

Major League Eating said successful a connection that it was “devastated” that Chestnut had “chosen to correspond a rival marque that sells plant-based basking dogs alternatively than competing successful nan 2024 Nathan’s Famous Fourth of July Hot Dog Eating Contest.” 

“For astir 2 decades we person worked nether nan aforesaid basal basking canine exclusivity provisions,” nan MLE connection besides said. “However, it seems that Joey and his managers person prioritized a caller business pinch a different marque complete our long-time relationship.”

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