In-N-Out hikes prices thanks to California’s new $20 minimum wage

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In-N-Out is beefing up its notoriously inexpensive prices to support up with California’s caller $20 authorities minimum wage astatine accelerated nutrient restaurants.

In Los Angeles County, a double-double burger combo astatine nan low-cost burger chains now goes for $11.44 — a $0.76 summation from past year, KTLA reported.

In San Francisco’s tourist-heavy Fisherman’s Wharf location, a double-double burger coupled pinch gallic fries and portion costs $13.63 aft taxes.

Less quiet customers would still person to ammunition retired $7.50 for nan double patty without nan sides aliases beverage, KRON4 reported.

An In-N-Out burger, pinch a juicy beef patty, melted cheese, caller lettuce, and herb each stacked betwixt 2 soft buns. In-N-Out is hiking its prices to support up pinch California’s caller $20 minimum costs for accelerated nutrient workers. Sipa USA via AP

The aforesaid repast pinch conscionable a azygous patty is not overmuch cheaper — a hamburger repast is priced astatine $11.03, while nan cheeseburger 1 racks up $11.57 aft tax.

Although still connected nan rise, prices are importantly cheaper conscionable extracurricular San Francisco.

In Daly City, located successful nan San Francisco Bay Area, a double-double pinch fries and a portion costs $11.52 — much than $2 little than astatine Fisherman’s Wharf.

A cheeseburger repast and hamburger repast costs $9.54 and $8.99 aft tax, respectively, successful Daly City.

An In-N-Out staff, pinch nan logo prominently displayed his hat, serves a customer.Fast-food restaurants crossed nan Golden State slashed astir 10,000 jobs since nan the rule went into effect successful April. Sipa USA via AP

An In-N-Out spokesperson confirmed to KRON4 that nan value jumps are straight related to nan $20 minimum costs hike that went into effect successful April.

Fast-food restaurants crossed nan Golden State person since slashed astir 10,000 jobs, according to nan California Business and Industrial Alliance.

Rubio’s California Grill, known for its food tacos, closed 48 of its astir 134 locations astatine nan extremity of May – earlier filing for bankruptcy successful June.

Beverages astatine Starbucks stores successful California were 50 cents much costly aft April 1, while Taco Bell raised paper prices by 3%.

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