How much are tickets to see John Summit on tour in 2024?

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Prepare to beryllium thrown into nan “Deep End” of nan mosh pit this summer.

Starting June 15, 29-year-old accountant turned full-time superstar EDM shaper John Summit will return his mind-bending unrecorded shows featuring “music without limits” to immense venues successful nan U.S. and Canada.

That includes a brace of gigs successful New York City — on nan aforesaid night, nary little — erstwhile he performs astatine Madison Square Garden and nan Brooklyn Navy Yard connected Saturday, June 29.

New Yorkers that want to spot Summit unrecorded tin snatch pavilion seats to nan Madison Square Garden show for conscionable $71 earlier fees connected Vivid Seats astatine nan clip of publication. Hardcore ravers will request to group speech $278 for level entree and $462 for VIP risers.

For those that for illustration thing a spot later, wide admittance tickets for Summit’s 10 p.m. Brooklyn Navy Yard show — just 2 hours later — commencement astatine $200 earlier taxes and fees.

These shows travel successful beforehand of his upcoming debut medium “Comfort successful Chaos” (due retired July 12), which promises uniquely punchy, dopamine-treading heavy location mixes that whitethorn tie from immoderate different signature Summit genres for illustration two-step, garage, and jungle.

Clearly, if there’s ever been a clip to splurge connected tickets, it’s now.

Can’t hold to spot nan artist–who made Obama’s 2023 favourite euphony list–live?

Good news: you’ve officially reached nan acme of John Summit information.

We’ve sewage everything you request to cognize astir John Summit’s 2024 circuit beneath if you’re pining for that peak.

All prices listed supra are taxable to fluctuation.

John Summit circuit schedule 2024

A complete breakdown of each nan champion prices connected tickets to spot John Summit execute unrecorded tin beryllium recovered here.

LA Coliseum sectionsTicket prices
start at
June 15 astatine Budweiser Stage successful Toronto, ON, CA$61
June 16 astatine Budweiser Stage successful Toronto, ON, CA$39
June 29 astatine Madison Square Garden successful New York, NY
at 8 p.m.
June 29 astatine Brooklyn Navy Yard successful New York, NY
at 10 p.m.
July 6 astatine nan LIV Nightclub successful Las Vegas, NV$101
July 13 astatine nan LIV Nightclub successful Las Vegas, NV$85
Aug. 10 astatine nan LIV Nightclub successful Las Vegas, NV$97
Aug. 17 astatine nan LIV Nightclub successful Las Vegas, NV$97
Aug. 31 astatine nan LIV Nightclub successful Las Vegas, NV$101
Sept. 21 astatine nan LIV Nightclub successful Las Vegas, NV$96
Nov. 22 astatine nan LIV Nightclub successful Las Vegas, NV$39
Feb. 22, 2025 astatine nan Tahoe Blue Event Center successful Stateline, NV$66

(Note: The New York Post confirmed each supra prices astatine nan publication time. All prices are successful US dollars, taxable to change and see further fees astatine checkout.)

Vivid Seats is simply a verified secondary marketplace ticketing platform, and prices whitethorn beryllium higher aliases little than look value, depending connected demand. 

They connection a 100% purchaser guarantee that states your transaction will beryllium safe and unafraid and your tickets will beryllium delivered anterior to nan event.

John Summit group list

The Chicago Native sewage his commencement bouncing betwixt DJ booths astatine section venues astir his assemblage field earlier his infectious mixes quickly launched him into halfway shape (though he’s still considered a divinity among galore frat boys).

More recently, Summit has landed awesome slots astatine immoderate of nan astir distinguished euphony festivals nationwide, including Coachella, Lollapalooza, and EDC Las Vegas.

Wondering what Summit bangers you should brace yourself for erstwhile you spot him live?

Well, nan producer’s been known to propulsion plentifulness of surprises into his sets, truthful you ne'er cognize precisely what you’re going to get.

Here’s an thought of what you tin expect based disconnected his caller group database astatine Coachella, courtesy of Set List FM.

01.) Where You Are

02.) (Unknown)

03.) Killa (Chris Avantgarde cover)

04.) Eat nan Bass

05.) Talking (Massano cover)

06.) Human

07.) Tears

08.) Gas Pedal (Sage nan Gemini cover)

09.) I Remember (deadmau5 & Kaskade cover)

10.) Paranoid (Layton Giordani cover)

11.) Sip Your Poision (Alex H cover)

12.) Sweet Disposition (with Dougy Mandagi)

13.) Trip

14.) Give maine Anything (feat. Elderbrook) (Unreleased)

15.) La Danza

16.) Resonate (with Kaskade)

17.) Calling (Ellis Moss cover)

18.) Shiver

19.) I Wanna Go Back (with Sub Focus feat. Julia Church) (Unreleased)

20.) What a Life

John Summit caller album

Summit’s 12-track debut medium “Comfort successful Chaos” is group for merchandise connected July 12.

Super fans are astir apt already acquainted pinch a fewer of his lead singles, including nan seductive nine thrasher “Eat The Bass,” a collaboration pinch Sub Focus featuring electro-soul vocalist Julia Church “Go Back,” arsenic good arsenic his 2 breakout Billboard anthems pinch rising vocalist Hayla, “Where You Are” and “Shiver.”

We’re anticipating nan hedonistic, built-to-the-drop look associated pinch his progressive location euphony hits, pinch nary shortage of spirited vocals besides successful place. Expect to scope nan summit…more times than once.

But nan shaper has suggested nan forthcoming medium mightiness attraction much inward than his past creations, while fusing nan experimental creation euphony sounds that person catapulted his profession to tremendous heights — for illustration a hunt to find bid successful nan chaos.

“John Summit is nan performing act, but erstwhile I constitute euphony I get much vulnerable,” nan shaper explained successful a statement. “While penning this album, I had to spell from being successful nan mindset of John Summit to being John Schuster, my existent name.”

In different words, this task will grapple pinch nan age-old mobility each creator wrestles with, who is nan existent John Summit?

He teased a threat of nan medium screen connected Instagram past period — a kaleidoscopic instrumentality filled pinch motifs of skeletons, serpents, stars, waves, and occurrence against a acheronian background.

“My astir susceptible activity to date… I’ve put my bosom and psyche into this and aft years successful nan making, I can’t hold to yet stock it pinch you all,” he wrote successful nan caption.

Followers quickly began begging for a #summitsummer successful nan comments section.

EDM stars connected circuit successful 2024

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• Kygo

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