Helen Hunt nearly quit ‘Twister’ shortly before filming — here’s why

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Helen Hunt dealt pinch her ain large wind earlier “Twister.”

The 61-year-old character revealed that she almost discontinue nan 1996 disaster movie earlier accumulation began successful Oklahoma.

“I injured my knee correct earlier we started,” Hunt told Entertainment Weekly successful an question and reply published Wednesday up of nan sequel’s release.

Helen Hunt successful “Twister.” ©Warner Bros/Courtesy Everett Collection

“And truthful a week aliases 2 before, I retrieve sitting successful Oklahoma pinch crystal connected my knee and calling my supplier and going, ‘Am I going to beryllium capable to propulsion this off?’ ” Hunt recalled. “So, for me, it was conscionable for illustration ‘Run anyway’ because I had nary different choice.”

Ultimately, Hunt played nan lead domiciled successful “Twister,” which became nan second-highest grossing movie of 1996.

The movie follows a group of amateur large wind chasers trying to deploy a tornado research instrumentality during a severe tornado outbreak in Oklahoma.

Helen Hunt astatine nan Los Angeles Philharmonic Gala connected Oct. 5, 2023. AFP via Getty Images
Helen Hunt, Bill Paxton successful “Twister.” ©Warner Bros/Courtesy Everett Collection

Hunt — who starred alongside Bill Paxton, Cary Elwes, Jami Gertz, Lois Smith, Alan Ruck and Philip Seymour Hoffman — said that “Twister” was “a very beingness movie.”

“Looking back, it’s each for nan champion that location wasn’t nan exertion to do it each connected your laptop. Instead, they conscionable pummeled nan s–t retired of us, and it looks amazing,” nan character continued. “So overmuch of acting now is you’re looking astatine a portion of tape, aliases you’re looking astatine a greenish screen, aliases you’re looking astatine dots connected someone’s face, and personification has to show you, ‘Well, what’s going to beryllium present later is this thing’s going to travel astir nan corner.’ “

Bill Paxton, Helen Hunt successful “Twister.” ©Warner Bros/Courtesy Everett Collection

“A batch of what we reacted to was really happening. And while it made it messier, it made it easier to act,” she added.

Hunt will not look successful nan stand-alone sequel “Twisters” starring Glen Powell and Daisy Edgar-Jones.

Helen Hunt successful “Twister.” ©Warner Bros/Courtesy Everett Collection

Powell, 35, told Vogue successful December that “Twisters” is “a wholly original story.”

“It’s decidedly not a reboot,” he said. “We’re not trying to re-create nan communicative from nan first one.”

In 2021, Hunt revealed that she pitched a sequel concept 4 years anterior — but her thought was rejected.

“I tried to get it made,” Hunt said connected “Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen” astatine nan time.

“With Daveed [Diggs] and Rafael [Casal] and maine penning it, and each achromatic and brownish large wind chasers, and they wouldn’t do it. I was going to nonstop it … We could hardly get a meeting, and this is successful June of 2020 erstwhile it was each astir diversity. It would person been truthful cool.”

Helen Hunt, Bill Paxton successful “Twister.” ©Warner Bros/Courtesy Everett Collection

Diggs, 42, told Insider successful 2023 that nan circumstances down Hunt’s conception not going guardant were “shady.”

“All I’ll opportunity is location was an opportunity wherever we were talking astir that, and it didn’t happen,” he said. “And nan reasons that it didn’t hap are perchance shady. But shady successful nan measurement that we cognize nan manufacture is shady.”

Helen Hunt astatine nan 2024 Green Carpet Fashion Awards. Variety via Getty Images

In nan astir 30 years since nan original movie spun into theaters, immoderate original formed members person died.

Paxton died successful 2017 astatine property 61, and Hoffman died successful 2014 astatine property 46.

“I deliberation conscionable by who we are, we had chemistry,” Hunt told EW of Paxton. “Not because we were akin but because we were different. And we some could spot nan imaginable for what could beryllium really nosy astir this and really to support that. It’s a tried and existent thing, ‘You thrust maine crazy, but I’m successful emotion pinch you.’ But that was really connected nan page, and we some had a batch of nosy trying to bring that to life.”

“I want to opportunity 1 different thing, though: I deliberation nan concealed limb successful that duo is that it was a triangle. [Director] Jami Gertz doesn’t get each nan glory for illustration Bill and I did. She had to inquire each nan expositional questions. She had to beryllium nan 1 that wasn’t arsenic cool arsenic me, who you wanted to beryllium with,” she continued. “In immoderate early drafts of nan script, they were benignant of catty pinch each other, but we some thought, ‘Boy, is that a mistake,’ and we conscionable ne'er did that. She had nan little flashy part, but I deliberation she was portion of nan concealed condiment that made it nosy to watch. Maybe much than group realize.”

“Twisters” is successful theaters July 19.

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