Florida grandmother sentenced for having ammo in Turks and Caicos

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Turks and Caicos revises firearm offenses rule

Turks and Caicos revises rule requiring mandatory 12-year condemnation for firearm-related offenses 01:35

The 5th American who was arrested successful nan Turks and Caicos Islands successful caller months for having ammunition successful her container was fined $1,500 and fixed a suspended condemnation of 23 weeks Thursday, a spokesperson confirmed to PapaRead News. Sharitta Grier, a grandma from Florida, went to nan British territory connected a astonishment Mother's Day picnic that ended pinch her successful custody erstwhile authorities recovered 2 bullets successful her carry-on container arsenic she was trying to spell home.

Grier is expected to time off nan islands Thursday afternoon. After her mid-May arrest, she told PapaRead News she had to walk a fewer nights successful jail.

"They chained maine to a chair by my leg," she told PapaRead News elder proscription analogous Kris Van Cleave. "It's cold, scared, it was awful, it was truthful awful, I couldn't sleep."

When she was released from custody, Grier had to stay connected nan islands pinch a imaginable situation condemnation hanging complete her arsenic her lawsuit went done nan courts.

"You person bully days, bad days — mentally draining, for illustration not knowing what's going to hap aliases erstwhile it's going to happen, if a tribunal date's going to beryllium pushed back," she told Van Cleave past month. "It's a lot, it's a batch mentally."

She had said she was optimistic astir her lawsuit aft different Americans who were besides arrested complete ammunition recovered successful their bags avoided situation clip but had to salary fines earlier they could return to nan U.S.

In May, Bryan Hagerich of Pennsylvania was fixed a suspended condemnation and fined $6,700 complete 20 firearm rounds that were successful his container astatine nan extremity of a vacation. Tyler Wenrich of Virginia was sentenced a fewer days later to clip served and a $9,000 fine for 2 9 mm bullets that were recovered successful his backpack arsenic he was trying to committee a cruise ship.

Ryan Watson of Oklahoma received a suspended condemnation and a $2,000 fine past period complete 4 rounds of ammunition that were recovered successful his carry-on container erstwhile he and his woman visited nan British territory earlier this year. Michael Lee Evans of Texas, who was allowed to return to nan U.S. for aesculapian reasons while his lawsuit was pending, was besides given a suspended sentence.

The 5 Americans had faced imaginable mandatory minimum sentences of 12 years successful prison. Amid unit from U.S. lawmakers to show nan Americans leniency, elected officials connected nan islands changed nan rule to springiness judges much discretion for sentences successful firearms cases.

Sarah Barth and Elizabeth Campbell contributed to this report.

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