Dad slammed after refusing to take daughter to birthday party: ‘Been to plenty already’

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In immoderate parenting couple, sometimes tasks are based connected people’s strengths, and sometimes they’re based connected nan different person’s downright refusal to do it.

I garbage to do nan daycare tally and person done for nan past 12 years.

I’m unspeakable astatine getting myself and everyone retired of nan location connected time, nan kids cling to maine and outcry erstwhile I effort to time off them, it’s a nightmare, and it’s been this measurement for 12 years and 3 kids.

My hubby is simply a pro. He plucks nan kid retired of bed, has their apparel fresh and lukewarm from nan dryer, he hands them a portion of toast connected a integrative sheet to eat successful nan car and distant they go.

I americium nan day statement parent. I spell to each nan parties for each nan children, I cognize each nan parents, I make each nan mini talk. I conjecture erstwhile it comes to day parties, I’m nan pro.

A mom is disappointment that her hubby refuses to return their girl to day parties. A mom is disappointment that her hubby refuses to return their girl to day parties. Getty Images/iStockphoto

It’s nan aforesaid successful Bec’s* family – she takes her girl to day parties and her hubby ne'er does – isolated from Bec isn’t happy pinch nan position quo and wants to stock nan load.

Dad refuses to return kid to day parties

Bec’s hubby Simon says he hates day parties, nan mini talk, nan games, everything.

“I’ve been taking her since forever,” Bec said successful a Reddit post. “She’s successful kindergarten, wherever they still induce everyone successful nan class.”

This year, Bec has done astatine slightest 7 parties, but erstwhile nan latest 1 came up, she was sick and could hardly get retired of bed.

Naturally she assumed Simon would return their daughter.

“My kiddo has been looking guardant to it each week. Simon says he’s not taking her,” she said.

She told Simon to break nan news to their girl and it didn’t spell complete well.

“Her pitiful cries were truthful sad. He told her missing 1 statement isn’t nan extremity of nan world, and she’s been to plentifulness already.”

That’s a difficult pill to swallow for a kindy kid, but Bec wondered if she was overreacting. Her daughter had been to a batch of parties already.

Reddit organization furious for mom

Parents flooded nan comments to stock their points of view, and astir were connected Bec’s side.

“I would beryllium furious,” 1 personification said. “Nobody likes going to kid day parties, but each go.”

She says he hates everything astir kids' day parties.She says he hates everything astir kids’ day parties. Getty Images

“He can’t perchance person thing successful communal pinch those parents, he’s truthful overmuch amended than them because he doesn’t for illustration mini talk aliases being astir happy children,” was different person’s sarcastic take.

“How difficult is it to do thing for a mates of hours conscionable to make your kid happy?” a 3rd personification said.

It wasn’t really nan lawsuit that “nobody” liked parties. Plenty of group chimed successful that they enjoyed going.

“I for illustration going to day parties. I want to talk to everyone and effort to make a friend aliases two. If you support going and seeing nan aforesaid people, that’s really you make a friend,” 1 personification said.

*Names person been changed

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