Columbia prof told students not to watch mainstream media because ‘it is owned by Jews’: report

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A Columbia University task unit investigating antisemitism astatine nan Manhattan Ivy League assemblage has recovered a disturbing shape of bias against Jews this twelvemonth — including 1 professor who allegedly warned students to debar nan mainstream news because “it is owned by Jews,” according to a report.

Task unit members told Haaretz that Jewish and Israeli pupils astatine nan uptown field felt “very targeted and ostracized” successful nan aftermath of nan Oct. 7 panic onslaught connected Israel that sparked nan warfare successful Gaza — and ongoing protests.

In different shocking allegation, a professor singled retired a student pinch a Jewish-sounding past sanction while reference a people rotation telephone and demanding they warrant Israel’s warfare against Hamas.

Numerous students besides reported having Jewish symbols torn disconnected them while stepping connected campus, nan Israeli outlet reported.

Anti-Israel encampment caused a operation connected Columbia's field this spring. Anti-Israel encampment caused a operation connected Columbia’s field this spring. AP

Professors besides encouraged students to return portion successful anti-Israel demonstrations, and immoderate pupils were forced to discontinue retired of clubs because they didn’t want to beryllium portion of actions against Israel.

The Columbia antisemitism task unit has not issued its study yet.

But, task unit members told nan Israeli newspaper that location is plentifulness of activity to beryllium done aft nan group was formed successful November; it has heard from astir 500 students.

Professor Gil Zussman, an Israeli electrical engineering professor, told The Post that nan situation connected field is hostile to Israeli students, successful particular.

“There’s clear favoritism against Israeli students and Jews,” he said. “They’ve been targeted from nan opening by demonstrators.”

He said he knows of astatine slightest 2 professors who brought their classes to anti-Israel encampments that cropped up connected field this spring.

“That’s for illustration saying, `We don’t want Zionists here,'” he said. “I judge it’s a usurpation of Title VI of nan Civil Rights rule to move classes into nan encampment.”

A motion is displayed  successful beforehand of nan tents erected astatine nan Pro-Palestine protestation encampment.A motion is displayed successful beforehand of nan tents erected astatine nan Pro-Palestine protestation encampment. AP

Task unit co-chair Ester Fuchs said nan task unit heard grounds that students judge their identity, values and beingness connected field are nether attack.

“My bosom was surgery listening to these students and what they were being forced to woody with,” Fuchs told Haaretz.

Another co-chair, rule professor David Schizer, said nan task unit only understood really troubling antisemitism was connected campus aft proceeding from scores of students.

“Unfortunately, location are still galore module members who do not judge that location is antisemitism connected campus, and immoderate declare that antisemitism is being weaponized to protect pro-Israel views,” he told Haaretz.

A 3rd co-chair, publicity professor Nicholas Lemann, told Haaretz nan thought of Zionism is “unacceptable” successful immoderate circles.

“In position of what we’ve heard, Jewish and Israeli students are emotion very targeted and ostracized,” he said.

Rory Lancman, an charismatic pinch nan Louis D. Brandeis Center for Human Rights Under Law, told The Post he worries that Columbia is searching for a “water-down meaning of antisemitism,” based connected nan reports.

He deliberation that indicates nan schoolhouse is not superior astir fighting it connected campus.

“You can’t lick a problem that you’re unwilling to define,” said Lancman.

The Post has sought remark from Columbia, though nan schoolhouse told Haaretz: “We are committed to combatting antisemitism and taking sustained, actual action to guarantee Columbia is simply a field wherever Jewish students and everyone successful our organization feels safe, weighted and capable to thrive.”

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