Chilling warning Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy's mom gave to JFK Jr. before tragic plane crash

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Ann Freeman, nan mom of Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy and Lauren Bessette, had a mother's intuition erstwhile it came to her daughters flying with John F. Kennedy Jr.

The precocious boy of President John F. Kennedy, 38, was flying nan craft pinch Carolyn, 33, and Lauren, 34, erstwhile it plunged into nan Atlantic connected July 16, 1999, sidesplitting them all.

The trio were flying to Martha's Vineyard to driblet disconnected Carolyn's sister Lauren before  earlier continuing connected to Hyannis Port, Massachusetts, to attend nan wedding of John's relative Rory nan adjacent day. 

However, Ann had reportedly told JFK Jr. to ne'er alert pinch 2 of her daughters astatine nan aforesaid time. 

According to a caller book, JFK Jr.: An Intimate Oral Biography, written by PEOPLE's editor-at-large Liz McNeil and RoseMarie Terenzio, Lauren and Carolyn's mother had issued nan informing earlier they some boarded nan mini craft successful 1999.

John F. Kennedy, Jr. and woman Carolyn astatine nan yearly White House Correspondents meal successful May 1999 - 2 months earlier they died

'She was panic-stricken,' RoseMarie wrote of nan grieving mother successful nan book. 

'She said thing like, "I told him ne'er to return 2 of my girls up astatine nan aforesaid time."'

The writer said Ann was 'angry' aft her daughters' deaths.

'Crying. It was panic, shock. Disbelief,' she recalled.

While it was 38-year-old JFK Jr., who was an inexperienced pilot, flying nan mini Piper Saratoga level erstwhile it crashed; Carolyn is often blamed for nan accident.

In nan aftermath of nan 'Kennedy tragedy,' it was reported that Carolyn's vanity, her superficiality, her supplier usage and her all-around 'shrewish' behaviour was blamed for starring an inexperienced aviator — contempt him breaking galore rules of flying — to clang his level into nan ocean.

According to columnist Maureen Callaghan's book Ask Not: The Kennedys and nan Women They Destroyed, Carolyn told friends and family she 'didn't trust' her husband's flying skills. 

She wrote that Carolyn didn't deliberation JFK Jr. - nan only boy of nan precocious president - had nan patience, diligence aliases attraction span to beryllium a bully pilot. 

He reportedly didn't return his training seriously, hadn't logged capable hours to alert unsocial and regularly collapsed nan rules by sneaking successful solo flights erstwhile he was expected to person an coach pinch him.

JFK Jr. was flying nan craft pinch Carolyn, 33, and Lauren, 34, erstwhile it tragically plunged into nan Atlantic connected July 16, 1999. Pictured: Carolyn and Lauren successful New York City successful 1998

John F Kennedy Jr. sitting successful cockpit pinch wife, Carolyn, successful 1998 (he is pictured successful a level successful nan aforesaid year)

While it was 38-year-old JFK Jr., who was an inexperienced pilot, flying nan mini Piper Saratoga level erstwhile it crashed; Carolyn is often blamed for nan accident

According to columnist Maureen Callaghan's book, Carolyn told friends and family she 'didn't trust' her husband's flying skills. Pictured successful 1996

On nan night of nan fatal crash, different small-plane aviator had told JFK Jr. he was alarmed by nan worsening visibility of nan sky, suggesting he should wait.

However, nan eager aviator replied:  'No chance.'

A formation coach offered to spell up pinch him, but he had refused. 'I want to do it alone', he said.

Before JFK Jr.'s scheduled take-off, 4 different pilots had to usage their instruments to onshore successful nan worsening haze. Other, acold much knowledgeable pilots took 1 look astatine nan entity that nighttime and said: No way.

At 8.38 pm, JFK Jr. was fixed clearance to return disconnected successful his Piper Saratoga, contempt defying 1 of aviation's astir basal rules: he hadn't revenge a formation plan. Once aloft, he defied different and trim disconnected each connection pinch aerial postulation control.

Less than 20 minutes later, Carolyn and Lauren strapped into their backmost seats, nan mini level was connected a collision people pinch a commercialized American Airliners flight. 

The pilots tried to scope nan ray craft but heard thing right, truthful they sent an emergency connection to crushed control, who couldn't make interaction pinch him either.

Without knowing which measurement nan clueless aviator of this mini prop level was going, nan American Airlines pilots had to divert from their formation way to debar a fatal mid-air collision.

JFK Jr. checking his level successful October 1998 astatine New Jersey's Caldwell Airport

Wreckage of JFK Jr's level is lifted from nan water

A seashore defender chopper lifts a rescue swimmer from nan h2o during nan hunt for debris of JFK Jr.'s level successful 1999

JFK Jr. kept connected climbing to 5,500 feet. Despite nan fog and worsening visibility, he didn't move connected his autopilot. Nor did he hug nan lit-up coastline.

Instead, he turned correct and went retired complete nan Atlantic, and earlier he knew it nan oversea and entity had turned into 1 seamless achromatic wide and he couldn't show up from down.

The level went into a graveyard spiral, falling 900 feet per minute, 200 miles per hour, chemoreceptor first into nan ocean 

Aviation master Jeff Guzzetti, who was portion of nan squad that examined nan wreckage, told PEOPLE that this whitethorn person played a domiciled successful Kennedy losing power of nan aircraft, arsenic he was forced to trust only connected soul monitors and controls while flying done hazy nighttime skies. 

'He was trained to look extracurricular to get his ocular cues,' he said. 'There were nary ocular cues.'

After nan fatal accident, an investigation by nan National Transportation Safety Board recovered John unsocial responsible for this wholly avoidable tragedy. 

In 2001, Carolyn and Lauren's mother Ann reportedly received millions successful a wrongful-death colony against his estate.

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