Boston Celtics win historic 18TH NBA title as they blow Dallas Mavericks away at TD Garden with sensational performance

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By Eric Blum

Published: 23:00 EDT, 17 June 2024 | Updated: 23:21 EDT, 17 June 2024

There was ne'er a uncertainty successful Beantown connected Monday night. A Boston Celtics triumph looked inevitable successful Game 5 of nan NBA Finals against nan Dallas Mavericks at TD Garden. And that's what happened, ending a 16-year title drought. 

The Celtics defeated nan Mavericks 106-88 to triumph nan NBA Finals successful 5 games.  

Boston won its 18th title successful franchise history, 1 amended than nan Los Angeles Lakers for nan astir successful nan NBA. It was 16 years to nan time of erstwhile it won its past title complete nan Lakers successful 2008. 

The Celtics triumph snaps nan second-longest streak without a title successful franchise history, which was 22 years betwixt 1986 and its now-second-most-recent title successful 2008. 

Monday's nonaccomplishment for nan Mavericks ends a disappointing extremity to their season, wherever their 2 biggest stars, Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving, did not play up to their imaginable for astir of nan title series. 

Jayson Tatum cemented himself arsenic 1 of nan premier players successful nan NBA by winning a title

Tatum was successful tears aft winning his first NBA Championship complete nan Mavericks connected Monday

The confetti started to autumn astatine TD Garden to people nan Boston Celtics first title since 2008

This is simply a first title for Boston's young halfway of Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, while besides rewarding veterans specified as Kristaps Porzingis and Jrue Holiday. 

Brown was named Finals MVP minutes aft nan triumph complete Tatum. 

Tatum vanished pinch a game-high 31 points, pinch Brown adding 21. Doncic was Dallas' starring scorer pinch 28 points.  

A Payton Pritchard swish from beyond half tribunal to hit nan halftime buzzer seemingly called 'series' connected nan Mavericks, putting nan Celtics up 21 pinch 2 quarters near successful nan game. 

Boston held a double-digit lead for astir of nan crippled and had its lead hover astir 20 points for nan full 2nd half. 

Brown and Tatum are 27 and 26 respectively, giving Celtics fans dream that they will not person to hold much than a twelve years to raise banner No 19. 

The municipality of Boston continues to beryllium nan astir ascendant sports metropolis of nan 21st century. 

This Celtics title is Beantown's 13th since 2000, pinch nan Bruins now nan only big-four sports squad not to person won aggregate championships successful nan caller millennium. 

The New England Patriots person won six, each pinch Tom Brady starring nan squad connected nan field, pinch nan once-cursed Boston Red Sox winning 4 titles since nan opening nan streak-busting play of 2004.  

Al Horford entered nan NBA successful 2007 and yet won his first title pinch nan Celtics

During nan last seconds of nan game, nan Celtics chair started celebrating a title victory

Kyrie Irving congratulated his Celtics foes erstwhile nan consequence was successful manus earlier exiting nan court

A Celtics fans holds a image of Tatum, Doncic, and Irving that helps picture nan series

The Celtics won a playoff bid successful 5 of nan erstwhile six seasons, giving a once-inexperienced roster plentifulness of playoff bumps and bruises.  

The last crippled of nan NBA play did not travel without immoderate turbulence. Celtics defender Derrick White chipped a bony aft a sadistic collision pinch Dallas' Dereck Lively during nan 2nd quarter. 

White dove for a loose shot and astir suffered a gruesome injury. As White went head-first to retrieve nan rock, Lively planted his weight onto him aft losing nan title to nan ball.

Lively's forearm ended up connected nan backmost of White's head, slamming his look onto nan hardwood.

Game 5 besides marked nan extremity of Irving's title return to Boston, wherever he scored 15 points connected 5-of-16 shooting. 

Celtics fans person shown their disdain for their erstwhile prima and now-Maverick during each 3 games held astatine TD Garden.  

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