'Bling Bishop' Lamor Whitehead is sentenced to nine years in jail for fraud crimes after scamming nurse out of $90K retirement fund

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Brooklyn's 'bling bishop' Lamor Whitehead will walk 9 years down bars for a litany of crimes including defrauding and extorting his ain parishioners.

The 46-year-old religion leader was recovered blameworthy successful March of 5 counts including ligament fraud, attempted extortion and lying to nan FBI - stemming from 3 abstracted schemes.

Whitehead - who became notorious for nan luxury suits he wore and nan Rolls Royce he drove while moving nan Leaders of Tomorrow International Ministries successful Canarsie - has been held successful custody since Judge Lorna G. Schofield revoked his bail past month.

She admonished him astatine nan clip for making mendacious statements astir rule enforcement officials and his victims connected societal media, and deed retired astatine Whitehead again connected Monday, aft he pleaded for her mercy, the New York Times reports.

'I don't spot immoderate remorse for your conduct,' Schofield said, adding that he did not look to admit nan effects his crimes had connected his victims - aliases moreover nan basal facts of nan case.

Brooklyn Bishop Lamor Whitehead was sentenced Monday to 9 years down bars

Among nan crimes Whitehead was recovered blameworthy of was conning Pauline Anderson, an aged azygous mother, retired of $90,000 from her status fund.

He had promised to bargain thief her execute her lifelong extremity of buying a home, but prosecutors said he alternatively spent nan money connected shopping sprees astatine Polo and Louis Vuitton and connected payments for a BMW. 

When nan victim’s boy yet attempted to get recoup his mother's funds, Whitehead said successful a matter connection he was asking God to 'exact vengeance' upon nan man.

Two different schemes targeted a money-lending institution and a Bronx businessman.

He was recovered blameworthy successful March of five counts including ligament fraud, attempted extortion and lying to nan FBI astir having a 2nd cellphone - stemming from 3 abstracted schemes

Whitehead became notorious for nan luxury suits he wore and nan Rolls Royce he drove while moving nan Leaders of Tomorrow International Ministries successful Canarsie

Prosecutors said nan bishop drew up clone slope statements to unafraid a $250,000 loan, claiming that he had millions successful a institution relationship that really contained little than $6. 

He was besides accused of attempting to extort $5,000 from Brandon Belmonte, nan proprietor of a Bronx car assemblage shop, aft a repair job.

Prosecutors alleged Whitehead further tried to person Belmonte to lend him $500,000 and give him a liking successful existent property deals, insisting his connections to metropolis officials could gain them favorable curen and people them millions.

In 1 signaling of a speech betwixt Whitehead and Belmonte - who was wearing a ligament for nan FBI, nan pastor could beryllium heard telling nan car assemblage shop that he had 'the cardinal to nan city' and that he could procure favors from Mayor Eric Adams - including getting permits to run affordable lodging aliases lifting stop-work orders astatine building sites.

Those claims were false, prosecutors argued. 

Prosecutors person said Whitehead told 1 of his victims he could procure favors from Mayor Eric Adams 

They based on successful a pre-sentencing memo that Whitehead was a 'career conman and liar' who committed fraud for much than 2 decades.

They claimed he abused his position arsenic a belief leader to rake successful millions of dollars, and noted that aft his condemnation successful March, Whitehead tried to waste ineligible documents from his case.

Prosecutors besides pointed retired that successful 2008, Whitehead was convicted of respective charges of personality theft for a strategy successful which he secured cars and motorcycles utilizing different people's names. He served 5 years successful situation for nan crime.

'This suspect has many times committed superior crimes and many times formed nan blasted for them connected everyone but himself,' nan prosecutors wrote successful nan pre-sentencing memo. 

Then successful tribunal connected Monday, Pauline Anderson teared up arsenic she described really she spent a life moving - only to suffer her full status money erstwhile she gave it to Whitehead.

'I mislaid everything I had worked for,' she said, adding that Whitehead's betrayal 'broke my heart, my tone and my soul.' 

Her son, Rasheed Anderson, 30, who was erstwhile an acolyte of Whitehead's, besides said his mom was a hardworking azygous genitor from Jamaica who helped support galore relatives - ever putting herself last, nan Times reports.

'I was utilized and taken advantage of, and because of that I person to spot my mother suffer because of Lamor Whitehead's deceit,' he said.

His defense attorneys based on he is simply a man of religion and should beryllium 'freed immediately'

But Whitehead's defense attorneys based on he should beryllium 'freed immediately' connected supervised release.

His lawyer Dawn Florio based on he is simply a man of religion who had done charitable activity and who has moreover sought to spell into nationalist work arsenic nan Brooklyn borough president.

She pointed to galore letters from parishioners astatine nan Leaders of Tomorrow International Ministries praising Whitehead, and based on he whitethorn person PTSD from a caught-on-camera robbery while he was giving a sermon two years ago.

Two men person since pleaded blameworthy to nan robbery and are owed to beryllium sentenced successful August, while a 3rd man who was charged successful nan heist died successful a shootout pinch US Marshals successful January.

Whitehead besides pleaded for a lighter condemnation - highlighting his activity successful a mediocre organization successful Brooklyn

 Meanwhile, Whitehead pleaded pinch nan judge for a lighter sentence- highlighting his activity successful a mediocre organization successful Brooklyn, according to nan Times.

He mentioned respective constabulary and elected officials he said he worked pinch connected weapon buybacks, younker programs and 'untold turkey giveaways,' claiming: 'I americium a pillar of nan community.'

'Your honor, I americium an honorable man and my children request me,' Whitehead said, nan New York Post reports.

'Allow maine to beryllium nan poster kid of different chance.' 

But Schofield disagreed, arguing he did not return work for his actions, and sentenced him to service 9 years successful jailhouse pinch 3 years post-release supervision.

Outside of court, Rasheed Anderson said he had hoped Schofield would bid a longer situation sentence, but added that he hopes nan sentencing will lead to his mother recovering her hard-earned money.

'It has been a traumatic arena for each of us,' he told nan Times.

'This is our first measurement toward closure.' 

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