Andy Samberg left ‘SNL’ for his mental and physical health: ‘I was falling apart in my life’

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Like a boss.

Andy Samberg, 45, has revealed nan existent logic why he near “Saturday Night Live.” 

“It was a large choice. For me, it was like, I can’t really strengthen it anymore. But I didn’t want to leave,” Samberg said connected nan latest section of Kevin Hart‘s Peacock question and reply bid “Hart to Heart.” 

“Physically and emotionally, for illustration I was falling isolated successful my life,” Samberg said.

Kevin Hart and Andy Samberg connected “Hart to Heart.” PEACOCK
Andy Samberg and Gabourey Sidibe connected “SNL” successful 2010. ©NBC/Courtesy Everett Collection

Samberg, who has been joined to vocalist Joanna Newsom, 42, since 2013 and shares 2 kids pinch her, roseate to fame connected “SNL.” 

He was a formed personnel and writer from 2005 to 2012, becoming known for his “digital shorts,” such arsenic his celebrated “dick successful a box” sketch pinch Justin Timberlake, his “Lazy Sunday” sketch pinch Chris Parnell, and his catchy songs pinch amusing lyrics, specified arsenic “Like a Boss,” “I’m connected a Boat” and “The Space Olympics.” 

Samberg told Hart that he wanted to beryllium connected “SNL” since he was 8 years old. 

The first rustle to his morale happened erstwhile his friends and Lonely Island collaborators Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone – who besides started pinch him successful 2005 – near erstwhile their penning contracts were up successful 2010. 

“I was fundamentally near successful complaint of making nan shorts, which I ne'er pretended for illustration I could do without them,” Samberg said astir Schaffer and Taccone’s departure. 

“We made worldly I’m really proud of successful those past 2 years, but there’s thing astir nan songs that I tin only do pinch Akiva and Jorm. It’s conscionable really it is, we’re conscionable a set successful that way,” he explained. 

“I was fundamentally near successful complaint of making nan shorts,” Andy Samberg said, aft his friends and collaborators left. PEACOCK
Andy Samberg said he was “falling apart” connected “SNL.” FilmMagic

The grueling schedule besides had a antagonistic effect connected him.

“Physically, it was taking a dense toll connected maine and I sewage to a spot wherever I was for illustration I hadn’t slept successful 7 years basically,” Samberg explained. 

He added, “We were penning worldly for nan unrecorded show Tuesday nighttime each night, nan array publication Wednesday, past being told now travel up pinch a integer short truthful constitute each Thursday [and] Thursday night, don’t sleep, get up, sprout Friday, edit each nighttime Friday nighttime and into Saturday, truthful it’s fundamentally for illustration 4 days a week you’re not sleeping, for 7 years. So I conscionable kinda fell isolated physically.”

“They told maine consecutive up, ‘We for illustration you would stay,'” Andy Samberg recalled, erstwhile he wanted to time off “SNL.” ©NBC/Courtesy Everett Collection
Jimmy Fallon and Andy Samberg connected “SNL.” ©NBC/Courtesy Everett Collection

He asked Amy Poehler – who he overlapped pinch until she departed successful 2008 – for advice. 

“I had talked to Poehler and different group that had already gone,” Samberg revealed. 

“I was like, erstwhile I go, erstwhile I person an idea, I can’t conscionable do it,” he recalled. “The craziest point astir moving location is erstwhile you get going, if you’re conscionable successful nan ablution and you person an thought that s— tin beryllium connected tv successful 3 days, which is nan most, like, intoxicating feeling.”

His departure aft Season 37 was without overmuch fanfare. He only confirmed that he wouldn’t return weeks aft that finale. 

” I conscionable was like, I deliberation to get backmost to a emotion of for illustration intelligence and beingness health,” Andy Samberg said. ©NBC/Courtesy Everett Collection
Andy Samberg pinch Mark Wahlberg connected “SNL.” ©NBC/Courtesy Everett Collection

“They told maine consecutive up, ‘We for illustration you would stay,’ and I was like, oh, that makes it harder,” he went on. 

“But I conscionable was like, I deliberation to get backmost to a emotion of for illustration intelligence and beingness health, I person to do it. So I did it and it was a very difficult choice.” 

Samberg, who went connected to prima successful “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” for 8 seasons, hosted nan Emmys, made movies specified arsenic “Pop Star: Never Stop Stopping” and starred successful nan critically acclaimed movie “Palm Springs,” said he felt little unit connected nan remainder of his career, since he’d already achieved that puerility dream of being connected nan NBC assortment show.

He told Hart: “Even if it doesn’t spell arsenic well, I sewage to do nan point I wanted to do truthful everything past this constituent is icing.”

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