Alexa Leary's dad fights back tears after Aussie swimmer books Paralympic ticket

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  •  Alexa Leary near parents successful tears astatine Aussie swimming trials
  •  Leary secured her summons to nan Paralympic Games 
  •  Athlete was near pinch a life-threatening encephalon wounded successful 2021

By James Cooney For Daily Mail Australia

Published: 19:28 EDT, 11 June 2024 | Updated: 19:28 EDT, 11 June 2024

Australian swimmer Alexa Leary has defied nan likelihood aft being told she whitethorn ne'er locomotion aliases talk again to book her summons to nan Paralympics, leaving her parents successful tears.

Leary, who is amended cognize to her friends arsenic Lex, was 1 of Australia's astir promising up-and-coming triathletes, and represented nan state astatine world titles, had a horrendous clang while training successful July 2021.

She had clipped nan motorcycle successful beforehand of her while travelling astatine complete 65km/hr down a hill, leaving her pinch a life-threatening encephalon injury, humor clots, a collapsed lung and galore surgery bones.

Her parents Russ and Belinda were advised to hole their goodbyes, and moreover erstwhile their girl pulled through, they were told she was improbable to locomotion aliases speak again.

Emotion overflowed aft Alexa Leary (pictured) qualified for Paris connected Tuesday evening

Leary, 22, now lives pinch a encephalon injury, but has made a singular comeback into nan athletics of swimming.

On Tuesday night, nan S9 100m freestyle world champ won nan 50m freestyle pinch a clip of 27.89 - and qualified for Paris.

'I've really travel truthful far,' Leary told Nine.

'I'm truthful impressed I americium moreover successful nan water. I'm for illustration yea Lex, for illustration you've travel truthful far.'

Leary's dada Russ fought backmost tears while watching connected successful nan stands.

'It's unbelievable. To deliberation that we had six months successful hospital, ne'er meant to locomotion aliases talk again, and she's disconnected to nan Paralympics,' an affectional Russ told Nine.

'We sewage a different girl back,' said Leary's mum Belinda.

'I emotion her personality. She's funny, she's crazy, but astir importantly she's fulfilling her dreams and what she wanted to do anterior ... She ever wanted to spell to nan Olympics. That was her thing, always.'

Alexa Leary was near fighting for life aft a motorcycle clang near her pinch superior encephalon harm and aggregate fractures

Leary showed immense determination during her betterment some successful and retired of hospital

On Tuesday, Leary said that she's impressed that she's moreover backmost successful nan water

Earlier successful nan year, Leary told media that she is changing nan narration she has pinch herself.

'I'm excited for Paris. I'm really looking guardant to it and I'm like, "Come connected Lex, let's do thing bully here. I'm going to do truthful well. I cognize I will",' she told Wide World of Sports.

'Every time I constitute an affirmation connected nan reflector and I look astatine it and I judge it and I deliberation it done nan time ... It's like, "You emotion yourself, Lex. Look who you are. You've sewage to study to emotion yourself".

'So that's a large point for me.'

Leary says immoderate days are still very difficult for her because of nan encephalon injury

Leary, who represented Australia astatine nan world titles successful Switzerland wherever she vanished 2nd successful 2019, says she still has her bad days and that will beryllium nan lawsuit for nan remainder of her life.

'Some days are very difficult for maine because my brain's conscionable not normal,' Alexa says.

'It's conscionable not moving arsenic good arsenic it utilized to work.

'I do struggle sometimes, but it's OK; I get done it.'

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