Adorable moment golden retriever devours hot dog at MLB ballpark during Mariners game against the Chicago White Sox

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  • A bully decked retired successful Mariners cogwheel eats nan bun and wiener with ease
  • The commentators gush complete nan canine feverishly slurping down nan basking dog
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By Eric Blum

Published: 19:00 EDT, 11 June 2024 | Updated: 19:14 EDT, 11 June 2024

A camera unit from NBC Sports Chicago recovered a aureate retriever happily devouring a basking canine during Monday's crippled betwixt nan Seattle Mariners and nan Chicago White Sox.  

The game, which took spot astatine Seattle's T-Mobile Park, was portion of nan team's 'Bark successful nan Park' promotion, wherever fans are allowed to bring their canine companions to nan game. 

Monday's crippled was nan 3rd of six specified games connected Seattle's almanac this season, pinch nan taxable of nan crippled being 'Bandana', giving canine owners nan licence to dress up their pups. 

The canine recovered by nan cameras has a Mariners chapeau and bandana connected and has nan afloat basking canine successful his rima erstwhile nan video starts. 

The bully boy aliases woman takes respective bites were bits of ketchup and mustard tin beryllium seen connected nan bun. 

The aureate retriever downed nan basking canine without a problem during a Mariners game

The golden retriever vanished nan full wiener but portion of nan bun fell to nan crushed successful beforehand of him.  

The video cuts disconnected earlier we spot if nan canine took portion successful nan five-second rule. 

'Bark successful nan Park' has taken spot successful shot stadiums crossed nan country. 

The Mariners' adjacent 'Bark successful nan Park' takes spot connected July 2 against nan Baltimore Orioles. 

The first 1,000 dogs to locomotion done nan T-Mobile gates will get nan grant of having their ain Seattle-themed collapsible h2o dish. 

The last 2 Seattle 'Bark successful nan Park' events are August 7 and September 12 against nan Tigers and Rangers respectively. 

Dogs do request to person a abstracted summons for 'Bark successful nan Park' and person to meet definite requirements, for illustration being vaccinated. 

It is unclear if nan aureate retriever going viral will make T-Mobile Park alteration immoderate of their menus for their four-legged friends.  

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