A digital library offers hundreds of free LGBTQ books in response to wave of school bans

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When Sara Katherine moved backmost to her hometown of Valparaiso, Indiana, from New York, she noticed a deficiency of support for LGBTQ youth. So she started volunteering arsenic a mentor astatine a section nonprofit, chatting pinch queer teens who hadn’t seen LGBTQ group reflected overmuch successful media or successful their community. Then she came crossed a assets golden mine: nan Queer Liberation Library, a integer catalog of complete 1,200 LGBTQ books for anyone crossed nan state to access.

“I was capable to show them, ‘Hey, conjecture what? I person thing free for you, and it’s thousands of books you tin publication wherever location are characters conscionable for illustration you who are falling successful love, who are having adventures,’” said Katherine.

The Queer Liberation Library (QLL) was started by a squad of 9 volunteers successful November to capable nan queer lit spread amid a activity of authorities laws and schoolhouse policies challenging books pinch LGBTQ themes. To “check out” a integer book, each readers request to do is supply their sanction and U.S. mailing reside — information that QLL keeps backstage and unafraid — and they are granted entree to nan QLL catalog via Libby.

“It was 1 of those ideas that I was amazed that cipher other had thought of it already,” said Kieran Hickey, co-founder of QLL. “I knew it could beryllium very impactful.”

While immoderate nationalist libraries, for illustration the Brooklyn Public Library successful New York, connection free integer entree to their full postulation nationwide, QLL is 1 of nan fewer services specifically curating books pinch queer themes aliases written by queer authors. In its first fewer months, QLL attracted astir 4,000 readers. Today, it boasts a readership exceeding 50,000.

“The queer acquisition successful nan U.S. is truthful different, not conscionable from authorities to authorities aliases metropolis to city, but moreover from region to county,” said Erik Lundstrom, who handles financial and ineligible issues for QLL. “Being capable to supply books successful a safe manner, sloppy of location aliases circumstances, is immoderate of nan astir important activity I’ll ever do.”

The ‘Avengers’ of nan Queer Liberation Library

QLL was nan brainchild of Hickey, whose emotion of, and deficiency of entree to, LGBTQ lit led him to gain his master’s grade successful room subject from nan University of British Columbia.

“My queer acquisition successful particular, arsenic a trans person, was very overmuch not knowing what I was missing, not knowing why I felt truthful different, not knowing myself and emotion very detached from nan world astir me,” said Hickey. “I would flight into books.”

After volunteering astatine an in-person LGBTQ room successful Vancouver post-college, he group retired to replicate nan conception upon moving to nan U.S. Through connections pinch communal friends, Hickey formed nan QLL squad — each volunteers who collaborate remotely crossed nan state and person yet to meet successful person.

Hickey calls nan squad “Queer Literature Heroes,” each pinch a domiciled that helps them turn nan library’s titles, scope and access.

Lundstrom, known arsenic nan “The Business Gay,” deals pinch ineligible matters and webpage management. Laura, nan “Book Lister successful Residence,” immunodeficiency successful nan curation of titles. Fern Odawnul, aliases QLL’s “Social Media Gremlin,” shares updates connected caller book releases, merchandise launches and fundraising initiatives connected Instagram, TikTok and X.

As a parent, Odawnul besides consults connected nan library’s children’s book collection. Among nan featured children’s books is “My Shadow Is Purple” by Scott Stuart, which introduces nonbinary personality to young readers. Through engaging illustrations, nan communicative follows a child’s exploration of their protector arsenic neither bluish nor pink, but purple. This realization helps nan main characteristic understand that they are not confined to circumstantial gender roles.

“It’s conscionable really saccharine and a awesome measurement of describing that neither-both point that galore nonbinary identities often experience,” said Odawnul. The dream is that young readers for illustration her boy “grow up successful a world that is welcoming,” Odawnul said.

Between July 2021 and December 2023, book bans were put successful spot successful 42 states, successful some reddish and bluish districts, according to a PEN America report. While nan bans target titles pinch themes of race, gender personality and intersexual orientation, seven of nan 10 astir challenged titles successful 2023 addressed LGBTQ subjects, according to an American Library Association report. Maia Kobabe’s “Gender Queer,” a schematic memoir detailing nan author’s nonbinary coming retired journey, remained astatine nan apical of nan database for nan 3rd consecutive year.

Books pinch LGBTQ characters and themes thief queer children consciousness for illustration they are seen and belong, whereas book bans make them consciousness punished and erased, said Melanie Willingham-Jaggers, executive head of LGBTQ acquisition statement GLSEN. At slightest 1 successful 4 precocious schoolhouse students place arsenic LGBTQ, according to a 2021 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention survey.

“When LGBTQ+ younker deficiency entree to books that bespeak their narratives, they miss retired connected personality affirmation, domiciled models and inspiration,” said Willingham-Jaggers. “This absence tin lead to feelings of shame and self-doubt. They besides miss captious societal and affectional learning opportunities, which tin thief them navigate their ain experiences.”

It’s besides conscionable arsenic important for non-LGBTQ students to spot queer representation, Willingham-Jaggers said. “By ensuring that queer lit is accessible to everyone, sloppy of location, these platforms beforehand inclusivity and understanding,” she said. “They animate a emotion for reference and support lifelong learning while fostering a consciousness of organization among readers.”

The effect and early of nan Queer Liberation Library

QLL continues to turn its postulation and rank by surveying nan needs and concerns of its audience. Odawnul said immoderate respondents expressed fears astir being incapable to get LGBTQ books from their section libraries and that by getting to publication these texts, they spot their identities reflected. When she gets responses for illustration that, “that’s erstwhile I cognize that we’re doing thing right,” Odawnul said.

In Valparaiso, “there’s very small visibility and diversity,” said Katherine. But done books, she tries to show nan LGBTQ younker she mentors that “what you’re emotion is OK, and that you being you is OK,” she said.

While nan squad respects members’ privateness and does not disclose circumstantial details, Lawton shared a fewer demographics: 16% of members reside successful agrarian regions, and 2 of nan astir checked-out titles connected nan level include: “How to Bite Your Neighbor and Win a Wager” by D.N. Bryn and “At 30, I Realized I Had No Gender” by Shou Arai.

Next up, QLL hopes to big in-person events for illustration book clubs, summertime reference programs and meetups to support LGBTQ youth.

“I deliberation that immoderate opportunity that we person to bring queer group together and recognize really overmuch our shared liberation is limited connected each other’s liberation is ace important,” said Hickey. “I’m trying to springiness group what I didn’t have.” 

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