5 sun-worshipping rituals to help you celebrate the summer solstice

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Merry Midsummer, my babies!

The longest time of nan twelvemonth is upon us, and pinch it, nan telephone to believe nan life-giving ray of our favourite star.

The nonstop day and clip of nan solstices alteration from twelvemonth to year, but successful 2024, nan summertime solstice falls connected June 20 astatine 4:50 PM.

In method terms, this solstice marks nan opening of summer, nan onset of Cancer season, and nan constituent successful nan twelvemonth erstwhile nan sun reaches its highest constituent successful nan sky, straight supra nan Tropic of Cancer.

Solstice is a matrimony of nan Latin words for “sun” and “to guidelines still,” and nan summertime solstice equates to nan longest time and briefest nighttime of nan year. Summer’s flannel-wrapped, wind-chapped, pine-high tone sister, nan wintertime solstice, is celebrated connected aliases astir December 21st and coincides pinch nan longest nighttime and shortest time of nan year.

Revelers shake hands nan sunrise connected nan summertime solstice astatine Stonehenge. fotogurmespb – stock.adobe.com

Between nan two, we observe nan outpouring and autumn equinoxes, wherein sunlight and nighttime are evenly distributed.

The summertime solstice goes by galore names, including Midsummer and Litha. Across cultures and since clip immemorial, nan longest time has been origin for region and revelry.

To publication much astir nan ancient ceremony of nan summertime solstice, see our guideline here.

For those looking to make merry successful our progressively joyless, ritual-starved modern world, publication connected for our recommendations connected really to grant nan sun and nan shifting of seasons.

Maximize sun exposure

Welcome nan sun by spending plentifulness of clip outdoors successful its regal rays. PetarPaunchev – stock.adobe.com

To vitalize yourself connected nan longest time of nan year, walk arsenic overmuch of it arsenic imaginable nether nan rays of nan ever-loving sun. Feast al fresco, activity outside, excavation your hands successful nan earth, return a bully agelong locomotion pinch bare feet, offer up your a–hole to nan light, you do you.

Light it up

Celebrate nan longest time by burning a occurrence done nan night. James Thew – stock.adobe.com

Traditional pre-Christian pagan solstice celebrations included lighting and jumping complete magnificent bonfires connected Midsummer’s Eve. The occurrence was believed to purify observers and support demons astatine bay, while nan infernal leaping was thought to bring bully luck to lovers.

Other pagan traditions included mounting ample wheels connected occurrence and rolling them down a elevation into a assemblage of water. 


According to historiographer Ronald Hutton, Professor of History astatine nan University of Bristol, “[Midsummer was seen as] a clip erstwhile nan normal laws of quality aliases divinity could beryllium suspended erstwhile spirits and fairies could interaction humans erstwhile humans could transcend nan accustomed limitations of their world.”

In this sense, we tin position nan solstice arsenic a clip to suspend nan mundanity of modernity and prosecute pinch nan world nan measurement our ancestors did, pinch fire, nudity, danger, hope, and raucous reverence.

Whether you judge successful nan beingness of love, luck, fairies, aliases demons, you tin participate successful nan customs of aged by building an outdoor fire. Invite a circle of friends to stitchery and stock their wishes for early fruition.

Get real, get ripe.

Go for a swim

Take it off, return it in. whyframeshot – stock.adobe.com

While nan occurrence of nan sun is nan prima of nan solstice, nan different elements are arsenic deserving of our attention. In ancient Egypt, nan summertime solstice coincided pinch nan flooding of nan Nile River, a rising of tides that lasted from June to September and was synonymous pinch themes of fertility and resurrection. In Spain, revelers routinely opt for a midnight skinny dip successful nan oversea to purify assemblage and spirit.

Sun salutations

Many yoga practitioners grant nan changing of nan season, including nan summertime solstice, pinch a bid of 108 Sun Salutations. This activity is typically done successful a group pinch a singular offering, specified arsenic bid aliases individual power.

Why 108?

108 is simply a ineffable number that represents nan wholeness of existence. It is nan number of names for some Buddha and Shiva and corresponds to nan number of beads connected a Tibetan mala and a Catholic rosary.

If 108 salutations sounds for illustration excessively gangly an order, you tin believe arsenic galore aliases arsenic fewer rounds of this series arsenic you spot fit.


On nan solstice, raise a toast to nan sun that shines and nan play that provides. Rawpixel.com – stock.adobe.com

Food is an offering of world and effort, grounds of nan powerfulness of nan elements to bring america each that we need. On nan longest day, you tin grant nan assemblage by preparing a feast that incorporates seasonal ingredients for illustration strawberries, greens, corn, grilled meats, peaches, and honey.

Pour a gangly solid of thing strong, sweet, aliases sparkling.

Gather astir nan ones you emotion and thrust precocious connected nan sunshine and nan elemental joyousness of being live beneath it, nan past wrong you and nan early agleam earlier you.

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